DWTS, Week 4 : Little Lenny Hardbutt

This week on Dancing With The Hasbeens Stars, we got an awesome surprise - TWO couples will be going home this week! Please viewers, let Steve go back to the Land of Woz! We also got to see the couples dance (or in some cases, butcher) two new styles of dance - Argentine Tango and the Lindy Hop. Here goes my recap :

Shawn Johnson : Lindy Hop - I think the major problem with the routine was that we expected awesome tricks and that's about all we got. To win on this show, there has to be more than just some flashy moves. That said, the tricks were the best of the night. Score : 25/30.

Gilles Marini : Argentine Tango - He has clearly positioned himself as the person to beat in this competition. I think the judges scored him too high this week though. Several times I saw him get quite sloppy and apparently the judges overlooked it or they're just blind. Score : 30/30.

Steve-O : Lindy Hop - Well, I thought he had actually improved. The judges said he had improved. His score didn't. I don't know if he'll have the viewer votes to keep him in after this week unfortunately. He really is likable and knowing that this show is a part of his recovery from addiction I just wanted him to do well. Unfortunately this has not been an easy journey for him but I applaud him for keeping with it. Score : 15/30.

Steve Wozniak : Argentine Tango - Could he be any more arrogant? I really think people are keeping him around just to make a fool of himself and to laugh at him trying to dance. I couldn't wait for his performance to end. Please let him be booted tonight. Pretty please. Score : 12/30. The 4's were pity.

Holly Madison : Argentine Tango - Well, lets see here. She couldn't stay on a STOOL. Dmitri did all the work and about all she did was look good in a dress. So long Holly. Score : 16/30.

Melissa Rycroft : Lindy Hop - Does anyone else think she looks like one of the professionals on the show and not just a contestant? Just awesome. Boo on the Lenny Hardbutt for only giving her a 9. Score : 29/30.

Chuck Wicks : Lindy Hop - Tricks were nice but the rest was too "loosey goosey". His scores are going in the wrong direction - but they are higher than what he deserved. He has been getting scores based on how good Julianne is - not how good he is. Score : 22/30.

Ty Murray : Lindy Hop - Who would believe that in week 1, Len gave Ty a 4 for his cha-cha-cha? He has really put a lot of hard work into his dancing and is easily the most improved of all the contestants. Could we see a 10 next week? Score :25/30.

Lawrence Taylor : Argentine Tango - LT is the first athlete to not do well on this show. Throughout the history of the show, NFL players have proven to be some of the strongest competitors. Until now. The tango is one of the most passionate dances and the two of them looked like they couldn't wait to let go of each other. To top it off, it looked like he was counting the steps and didn't do a very good job of hiding it on his face. He is in serious trouble if he doesn't start having more confidence in his dancing and spend less time looking like he is dragging someone on the football field. Score : 19/30. And that was generous.

'Lil Kim : Argentine Tango - She really has proven she is more than her "character" in the music business. She even scored the first 10 of the season! Score : 27/30.

David Allen Grier : Lindy Hop - I am still bored by him. He is still having trouble staying in one character throughout a performance and keeps losing the rhythm. Score : 22/30.

I think it is clear that the contestants in real danger of being sent home are Holly, Steve, Steve-O and Lawrence. I think Holly is a sure bet to go home after being in the Bottom 2 last week and doing even worse this week. I am really hoping The Woz gets the boot as well, but I have a feeling it could be Steve-O getting the axe. Please vote off Wozniak. I beg you viewers!

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