Identity Theft

Today in Baton Rouge, a man named Alton Davis was arrested for 31 counts of felony identity theft. I think most people are aware of how big a problem this crime has become here in the US. I remember when I worked at Gap, I met a woman who spends half the year in Southeast Asia. She told me that in countries like the Philippines and Thailand, identity theft is extremely common and they urge you not to carry purses or bags because they have professionals stealing IDs, etc.

This case scares me even more. This man stole the identities of 31 current and retired police officers. They think it is possible that there are more city-parish employees that have been victims as well. Allegedly, this man would open credit cards in the officers' names and then purchase electronics which he would then sell on the streets. If the people protecting us aren't safe, how much worse will it get? It amazes me how many people out there think that crime is perfectly acceptable.

We have people saying that the schools need to do a better job of educating children and that will lower the crime rate. I have news for these people - it starts at home. Working in retail in South Louisiana is a tough gig. We have professional shoplifters here. I have even seen women who use their children to steal. I remember one woman who would use her 5 and 6 year-old children to steal for her. That's the real epidemic here. It isn't just that schools here are failing. The parents are failing their children more.

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Amen, Praise God, and can I get a Hallelujah! *g*

I agree, it all starts with the parents. Even working retail in the suburbs of Chicago I've seen some crazy stuff. One woman had the diaper bag stuffed with stolen stuff, not to mention the stolen formula she had with the baby. There was another woman caught stuffing bottles of aspirin into her kid's coat pockets. It's crazy. If you can't pay for it, you don't need it...and if you need it, get a job! *g*