DWTS, Week 3 : Bionic Booty and The Woz

I originally only starting blogging about Dancing because I had nothing better to watch on Monday nights. Now I am missing House so I can do a weekly recap. Ok, I am really just watching for Ty Murray's cute ass. Watching Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak look like an ass on national television is just an added bonus. So here's the recap for y'all :

Denise Richards - Samba - Last week they told her she had improved by miles. Apparently, she got a flat tire this week. First thing she needs to do is get a new stylist. Then, learn how to get rid of stage-fright. Finally, learn the difference between "Latin" and "bubblegum". Maybe she can get lessons from Jessica Alba. Judge's score : 16/30.

Chuck Wicks - Foxtrot - Last week the judges agreed with me that he let Julianne do most of the actual dancing - yet they gave him a 20/30. WTF? This week he actually danced! And it didn't even suck! The one thing I really didn't get was Julianne, in an evening gown, rolling around on the ground like she was in a Paula Abdul video. Judge's score : 23/30.

Holly Madison - Samba - When did Raggedy Ann join the cast? Holly was being dragged around the floor again and she looked like she was scared to death to be out there. She very well could end up in the Bottom 2. If she goes, there go the 5 straight men watching the show. Judge's score : 17/30.

Steve-O - Foxtrot - Man, I feel terrible for Steve. It was great to see him dancing again but you could tell he was in horrible pain. Considering all the asinine antics he has done in the past, you know he has to be in serious pain for him to be this concerned. He messed up a few times and it was a shame because you could tell all the elements were there. I hope the viewers save him again. Judge's score : 15/30.

Lawrence Taylor - Samba - I am sorry ... but he still reminds me of the drunk guy dancing at a wedding reception. I don't see how the judges can praise a Latin dance with little-to-no hip action. How about something a bit more difficult next week, LT? Judge's score : 20/30.

Shawn Johnson - Foxtrot - Can we check her id? She is dancing more mature than contestants who are double or triple her age. Great to see how hard she is working at improving. Maybe she'll get her first 10 next week? Judge's score : 27/30.

Gilles Marini - Samba - 3rd week, 3rd great performance. And can someone tell me what happened to Cheryl? She is dancing better than she did even when she won the trophy! I actually didn't think he was as good as he was last week. Judge's score : 27/30.

David Allen Grier - Foxtrot - Yawn. At least he was better this week. Judge's score : 24/30.

Melissa Rycroft - Foxtrot - She was wonderful again. Is it fair that they compared her abilities and Woz's? Seems to me they should be judging based on the performance and not on their past dance experience. She deserved a 10. Judge's score : 27/30.

'Lil Kim - Samba - Do they only give her dances where she can be half naked? Is that a provision in her contract or something? I know Len is glad to see her "bionic booty" every week. I think the judges were a bit too forgiving about her forgetting what she was supposed to be doing - which was clearly evident to anyone watching. I don't think she deserved anything over a 7 personally. Judge's score : 25/30.

Ty Murray - Foxtrot - Is it just me or does he get more yummy every week? The judges had the same thought I did - he's a young Fred Astaire. Ok, his dancing is that great yet but he is definitely the most improved dancer on the show. It is rare when you see a pro fall on the show but he was able to handle it very well. In ballroom, the man is in charge and he clearly has grown into that role very well. Judge's score : 23/30.

The Woz - Samba - Ok, he makes Chloris Leachman look like a pro. Have you ever seen one of those "dance classes" at a nursing home? He reminded me of a 90-year-old woman in one of those classes waving his arms in the air. Please viewers, put us out of our misery. I wonder if he will bring up the conspiracy talk again this week since it looks like he'll probably be getting eliminated. Judge's score : 10/30.

Bottom Two

Ok first off, let me say something here. Do we really need to see the bottom 2 dance again? When we get rid of people like Woz and Denise, sure it will be nice to see the bottom 2 dance again. But right now it's torture to us viewers. I think it will be clear that Steve Wozniak will be in the bottom 2. The other? I think it is a toss-up at this point. I hope the viewers vote to keep Steve-0 around. Out of Holly and Denise, I would love to see Denise suffer in the Bottom 2.

I think if Woz is indeed in the bottom 2, the judges won't cop out this week and will give the other couple a higher score than Woz to help ensure that Woz goes home. If they care about the viewers, they will help get rid of The Woz.

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