Idiots in Florida Using 911

I'm sure most, if not all, of y'all heard about the woman in Florida who called 911 about the McDonald's not refunding her money when they ran out of Chicken McNuggets. Apparently, she isn't the only 911 idiot in Florida.

In February, another man in Florida - 66-year-old Jean Fortune - also called 911 to complain about a food order at a Boynton Beach-area Burger King. The man hadn't even placed the order yet!

What the hell is going on in Florida? Even kids know what 911 is for! Now if you're having a heart attack from all the fat you're shoveling into your body at fast food restaurants, go ahead and call 911. If you're going to call about not getting your order in time, just smack yourself instead.

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didnt notice you added my badge to your site. I put yours on mind. Wonder whats in the water in florida?

Thanks :) The badge is what I was asking you about in the comment I left ... was trying to figure out how to get the text box ... thankfully Sheila at Blog Designs helped me out lol

As for Florida, I would love to know. I have known many folks from there and they're not dumb like these people...