Twilight Star Is A Dirty Star?

We all know how popular actor Robert Pattinson has gotten since Twilight hit the theaters. (You can tell us about that, can't you Donna?)

It has come out that he doesn't have the best hygiene habits ...

"I don't really see the point in washing your hair. If you don't care if your hair's clean or not then why would you wash it? It's like, I don't clean my apartment 'cause I don't care. I have my apartment for sleeping in and I have my hair for just, you know, hanging out on my head. I don't care if it's clean or not."
- Twilight star Robert Pattinson tells Extra


I really hope there aren't people going around with nasty, greasy hair just because they want to be like this moron.

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Well, in his defense....he's from Europe...nuff said ROFL

However I am willing to let him share my shower anytime he wants ROFL

Ugh ... women ... can't live with 'em, can't shower with 'em ...

well dirty boy or not Hmmmmm yum yum yum I'll let him bite me. and he's so damn fast prolly don't gotta worry about soap and all cuz the wind will air clean him. He's gorgeous though bite bite bite well handle the rest later.