Idol Results, Week 3: Bringin' Crazy Back!

Well, I was 2 out of 3 again this week. I am disappointed that more people didn't vote for Felicia Barton - and the judges didn't bring her back for the wildcard. I seem to recall Paula saying she hoped voters would keep bringing her back each week. Hmmm. But first, the results show.

I skipped the cheesy opening number so I don't know what they sang (I was flipping to Top Model - no laughing!) and from the beginning of the song, my ears already hurt. Surprisingly, Seacrest announced that Lil Rounds, the first name called, as a finalist. I really wasn't surprised that she was voted into the top 12. Heck, they had shown her name and face plenty enough. My favorite of the night, Scott McIntyre, was the second person put into the top 12. Lastly, Jorge Nunez was announced as the 9th finalist.

Then came the announcement of the 8 wildcard show performers. They are:

Von Smith
Jasmine Murray (who SUCKED in group 1)
Ricky Braddi (WHO???? He was axed in Round1)
Megan Corkerie
Tatiana Del Toro (omg they bringing crazy back!)
Matt Giraud (who sucked live!)
Jessie Langseth
Anoop Desai

OK, a few observations here. Who remember Ricky Braddi?? He didn't even make it to the group round during Hollywood week. I watched all the audition episodes and I don't remember him. If you're going to bring people back from the early rounds, where is Jamar Rodgers or David Osmond?? And why bring Jasmine Murray back? There were so many people who outperformed her.

Now, some are probably wondering why Tatiana is coming back. I know it was mentioned in earlier press releases that the #4 vote getter in each group would be brought back. I think that's how she got the second chance. I'm wondering also why Matt Giraud is there. He SUCKED. In fact, 4 people from the 2nd group got into the wildcard round. I'm sorry, that group was NOT that good. 7 of the 12 get in top 12 or wildcard? I don't think so.

I don't understand how some of these people get the second opportunity while great performers like Felicia Barton missed out. Hey judges - you got this group WRONG. There were so many better performers than many of the ones in the wildcard show. God help us if Tatiana makes it into the Top 12!

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