America's Top Delusional Model?

I just want to make it known that I do not watch this show because of fashion or for Tyra's forehead or anything - I watch it because these bitches are hilarious. They actually think they are wonderful. They showed so many talking about how they are perfect models and talking about how they are perfect on the runway. It's like they think they're already top models - when in reality, the majority of them have never even modeled before. Then they fail on the runway and in front of the camera. That is PRICELESS to watch. This year has a great number of delusional girls who will probably only get photographed at Walmart in the near future. Honestly, the quality of "models" on this show has declined severely.

Tyra does not disappoint either. As usual, the show was craptastic. Each season they find some new tacky way for Tyra to make her entrance. This season it involved a group of "Roman Gladiators" (they were actually nice to look at btw) and Tyra portraying the "ghost of the Goddess of Fierce." I swear, I couldn't make this shit up. Then, the girls started cheering and blubbering and crying over being in the presence of Lady Fivehead.

Even better was that two girls started fighting over who was more ghetto. No, I am not kidding. They actually tried to "out-ghetto" each other. Of course, one of them had to cry afterwards.

"I don't want people to think I'm some ghetto assed bitch." (You have to add in the head swirl for the full effect.) Duh. How could we not think she is ghetto? She even admits to it! She was just fighting with someone because they dared to think they were more ghetto than she is! And yes, she didn't make it into the top 13.

I also think Tyra's self-esteem must be wavering. The house the "models" live in is now a shrine to Tyra. Photos of her cover the walls and the girls must bow and pray to the Goddess of Fierce.

Oh yeah ... Isabelle got the boot first. I think the only reason they kept Sandra (she is the most delusional in the finals. She is the one who thought she is the best in the world at runway - yet she only walked half the way down the runway. And she thought she did great.) is because she has been the cause of all the house drama so far. Too bad for Isabelle.

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