Idol Wildcard: No Mo' Crazy & Baker's Dozens

Well folks, we are finally Tatiana free! There is cheering in the streets! Let's just say, she idolized Paula and she was actually more of a trainwreck than Paula herself!

Ok, I will admit I did not do a thorough recap for the wildcard show. Personally, I don't think any of them deserved to make the top 12. The early seasons that had a wild card actually produced some of the better talent (such as Clay Aiken and Jennifer Hudson). The difference then was that only TWO people from each group made the top 12 whereas this year it was 3 people voted in. As I stated last night, there were some terrible performers given a second chance and some great performers who did not receive second chances that should have.

Ok quick recap ...

Ricky Braddy ... Still don't remember him and I'm not sure why they brought him back. Jessie Langseth made me change the channel back to Survivor (I spent more time on Survivor this week for my friends who don't get to watch it and I promised them!). Needless to say, neither made it.

Megan Corkerie ... It is still weird to see her try to look sweet and innocent mixed with her arm covered in tattoos. Honestly I missed her performance but then I doubt I missed much. Still, as I figured, she made the top 12.

Jasmine Murray ... Why why why? She SUCKED in her first live performance and they brought her back for the wildcard? Oh, and she made the top 12 even tho she sucked again tonight. Did she find a way to bribe Randy or something? Maybe she made him cupcakes or something. I expect her to get the boot first in the top 12.

Von Smith ... why pick a song no one knows? Better yet ... why pick a song you suck at? And as I figured, he is heading back to obscurity.

Paula Jr. ... Yes we had the please of watching some crazy. The thing is, the girl can sing. In fact, she was one of the better ones. Her problem is that she sang the same damn song for the third time. Didn't anyone advise her to pick a new song and a new dress? I love that her excuse was that she couldn't learn a new song in a day. Um, she had weeks to prepare for the wildcard! Thank goodness we have no more crazy! Well, there is still Paula but maybe not for much longer (I will sell my soul to make that happen!).

That left us with Anoop Desai and Matt Giraud ... Matt had basically no where to go but up after his disastrous performance the first time. Anoop missed out on the top 12 by 20,000 votes when he was beat out by the yummy Michael Sarver (Vote for him!!!). Simon announced that Matt made the top 12. Then he announced they'd decided to make it a top 13 instead which meant Anoop was in! Oh boy, the drunken karaoke singer gets to torture us more. Yippee.

Is anyone else as underwhelmed about this top 13 as I am? Prior to the season starting they were saying this was the most talented group of people they have ever had. Does that mean the other seasons sucked? Out of the first 9 people voted in, only 7 should have been. None of the wildcard people were very good - I will say Matt changed my opinion of him tonight. So in my opinion, only 8 of that 13 are worth watching. God help us for the next 5 weeks while we get rid of the dead weight.

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