Madonna To Adopt Again

What the hell is going on? Madonna had two children herself and then adopted a baby boy from the African nation of Malawi. Well, she has decided to do it again. This time, she opted for a 3-year-old girl named Grace.

I have two theories here.

1. She is trying to drive up the numbers of Kaballah believers one adoption at a time.


2. She and Angelina Jolie have some kind of contest going on. If so, they are losing to the OctoMom.

Is this adoption supposed to fill the hole in her heart that formed when Guy Ritchie got fed up with her and divorced her?

It amazes me. This woman can adopt as many as she want because she has the money. Never mind that it is clear her children come after her career. What about all those gay couples with all the love in the world to give AND the time to give to a child? I'm just saying.

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Good theories!

My theory: Her career is dead and she needs something to fill her time.

I agree. Thanks for sharing your insights.