OctoMom Blows a Wad

I have waited awhile before writing another post on this crackpot. I think that all the attention has made this woman a celebrity - infamous, but famous nonetheless. I think it is exactly what Nadya Suleman has wanted all along. And unfortunately, people keep giving her money.

Everything about this woman and the octuplets has been questionable. The woman is clearly unfit to be a parent, yet she still has custody of her first 6 children. She had no income so she couldn't pay the hospital bill that surely will pass $3 million. She couldn't pay the $20,000 they were behind in mortgage payments. Now, they've purchased a $569,000 home thanks to all that interview money she is getting. This means the hospital will allow her to take the octuplets home when they are ready. Chances are, the taxpayers in CA will still end up footing the hospital bill.

Some people have speculated that she is obsessed with babies. Even I have expressed that feeling. Some have also expressed their belief that she is obsessed with Angelina Jolie. Ya know, this is a plausible theory. Think about it. She is obsessed with babies and a large family. Like Jolie, she didn't get all her children the old-fashioned way. Part of Jolie's fame is do to her unorthodox family - Octomom got all of her fame that way. In many interviews, people have noticed that the way Suleman has spoken reminded them of Jolie. In her video blogs for Entertainment Tonight, she was wearing her hair the way Jolie was famous for doing - the long braid to the side. So, I can see where the theory could be a correct one.

Recently, TMZ and other paparazzi have taken to following her and recording practically every move she makes. Of course, since they are not portraying her in a positive way, she doesn't want them around. I think she opened Pandora's Box and she can't cope with the consequences of her actions. This is where I'm really angered by her actions. She has been found at Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm. So obviously, not spending time at the hospital. She has been spending money like she is a rich person - not a single mom of 14 with no job.

Just today, TMZ spotted her shopping at a MAC store - where she bought over $1,000 in make-up. And this woman receives food stamps? She gets social security payments for 3 of her 6 children for handicaps - mind you, one simply has ADD - since when does social security consider that a handicap worthy of financial assistance? I really hope all these programs have cut her off from further assistance. If she can spend $500 on a shirt and shoes to wear on Dr. Phil and over a grand on make-up for herself, clearly she doesn't need the help any longer. They may want to look into her financials to investigate her for fraud - she apparently had the money to pay for the fertility treatments. Those are very expensive - if she can afford that, she shouldn't be receiving food stamps. At least not legally.

That brings me to Dr. Phil. Let me start by saying I think this guy has no business being on television. Thank you Oprah for sicing this idiot on the American public. I believe Dr. Phil is being an enabler in this ridiculous situation. I am curious just how much his show is paying her to be his "pet project" - just so he can use her and her children to boost ratings for his show. I find it interesting that after taping an episode with Dr. Phil, all of a sudden she admits that her doing fertility treatments after having 6 kids already was "irrational" and then she and Dr. Phil have put together "a plan" - whatever the hell that means.

Shame on you Phil McGraw for exploiting those children to boost your sagging ratings. I really hope that someone looks into his actions and that DCFS is keeping a close eye on this woman. Since hitting the "lottery," it amazes me how rarely we see her with any of her children and how she is throwing money around like crazy. God help those poor children.

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SS has deemed add as a disability for awhile. I've been getting SSI for ADHD since I was diagnosed with it at age 7. although mine is really severe. BUT unlike most I'm actually trying to learn to cope so I can get OFF of ssi. But I do know there's alot of people who have add or adhd who really have problems holding a job for a long period of time because of it. but yah I agree. if she's spending all that money on makeup and crap like that. she really doesn't need the help.

It's people like her who give people on disability a bad name.


I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Glad to have you with me Miriam! If there is anything you'd like to see on here, just let me know. I'm always looking for suggestions. :-)