PETA Shows How Nasty They Are

I thought the whole purpose of PETA was to educate and to try to get people to treat animals better. Well, that's how they started off at least. Now it seems more like a bunch of nuts protesting anything they can just for the sake of protesting. Many times, their message isn't delivered in the brightest ways.

In 2003, PETA released an ad campaign that likened animal slaughterhouses to the Holocaust concentration camps. The slogan of the campaign is, "Holocaust on your plate." I don't about y'all, but that's going way too far.

Germany's highest court agrees. The Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe on Thursday ruled that the ad campaign was not protected under freedom of speech laws.

PETA claimed that its goal was to compare contemporary animal abuse with the Nazi-run concentration camps. The campaign drew outrage from the Central Council of Jews in Germany as well as many other Jewish organizations.

I would love to know why anyone would think to use one of the biggest tragedies in modern times in an international ad campaign. Morons.

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The most fun thing to do with PETA members is to point out their leather shoes during a protest *g*

I'm going to start PETV...People for the Ethical Treatment of Vegetables. Vegetables are living also *g*

PETA is a bunch of nutcases. If it were up to them, animals would run the world and humans would be the pets. (and Yes, PETA would like household pets banned)