Where Is Mine?

Lately I have been seeing people I know getting awards on their blogs.

Where are mine??

I'm starting to feel like Susan Lucci here. Do I have to wait 17 years for my first one too?

I'm starting to think maybe I should go the Kathy Griffin-route to winning awards.

Yes .... I should just totally sell out and do anything and everything until I win one.

Grammy, Oscar, Razzie ... doesn't matter! They're all awards - I want my due!

Maybe if I keep posting about it over and over someone will cave and give me one. I learned that from Ellen Degeneres. If she can snag the cover of O magazine by pestering Oprah Winfrey, surely I can get me something.

I don't need a trophy or anything. Just the ability to brag about getting an "award". You know, kind of like in A Christmas Story when the dad won that tacky leg lamp. If it's good enough for a fictional character, it's good enough for me.

I'll have to think more about ways to whore myself out until I win something.

To Be Continued ...

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you are too funny. Now quite your complaining, go to my blog, you got an award.

I better see that badge displaying proudly when I come back here, you hear me!..lol.

I award you 2nd best rant blog...only because I had to award myself as #1, even though I haven't posted to it in about 3 weeks LOL

word verification: chwardr

I hope chwardr make ya happy