Amazing Race : Sink Or Swim

I just realized that I didn't do my Amazing Race recap on Sunday night! Duh!

Last week, you may remember the altercation between Margie & Luke and those two nasty sisters. Let's just say, karma has a way of rearing its ugly head.

The teams hopped on a flight to Beijing and again this week, Tammy and Victoria continued to be as nasty as they can be. Once again, the lied to Chinese nationals and insulted the other teams to whichever Chinese person could help them.

Once at the Roadblock, one person from each team had to rink a medicinal tea, get an excruciatingly painful foot massage and then drink another serving of the tea. If they told the masseuse to stop, they would have to start completely over. Fortunately, none of the teams gave up. I don't think we could have watched them do it a second time.

From there, teams headed to a natatorium to complete the Detour challenge - Sink or Swim. In Sink, teams had to master synchronized "diving" - basically, they had to jump off the 3-meter diving board and hit the water at the same time. If teams could do that and also receive scores of 5 from the two judges, they would get their next clue. In Swim, teams had to complete an 400-meter relay with each teammate having to swim 2 100-meter laps.

Although Tammy & Victor and Jen & Kisha arrived first, they both had major difficulty completing the Detour. Since Jen and Tammy are both non-swimmers, both teams chose to do the Sink option - with horrible results. In fact, both teams ended up switching to the swim task - after the other teams had already finished! And ... Jen had a meltdown because she is afraid of the water! So glad such wonderful people had to do something they hate ... ha!

Jamie and Kara were finally the first team to each the pit stop ... or so they thought.

Once there, Phil handed them ANOTHER clue!

To be continued next week ...

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