American Idol Top 5 Results

Well, tonight's results show was a strange one folks!

First, there were THREE performances.

First, Natalie Cole (who looked like a drag queen) was singing because her father was around during the time of the 'rat pack'.

We also had Taylor Hicks - who looks WAY better than he did when he won Idol.

Then, Jaime Foxx. WHY? Why did they have to torture us? Come on, anyone can sound good if you do enough to disguise the voice and lack of talent.

More surprising was this week's bottom three - Kris, Matt and Adam.


Not only that, but Adam and Matt were the bottom two!

Thankfully, Matt got the boot.

I'm wondering if Adam was really in the bottom two or if they did it that way just for some drama and shock value ... Either way, Allison was safe!

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I didn't watch the entire thing, but I completely agree with you about Taylor. He NEVER looked that good when he was on the show.
I don't believe for a minute that Adam was actually in the bottom two. The rest of the country loves him too much. :-)

kinda blew me away that adam was in the bottom two. I think it was so more people will vote....ka ching ka money.