American Idol Top 7 (Again) : You Turned Paula into a Pool of Abdul

Doesn't the idea of a pool of Adbul just make you need to take Tums?

Yeah, me too.

Thanks to the stupidity of the judges, we were forced to listen to one more horrible performance than we would have. Note to judges : There is a reason Matt got voted off last week! Personally, the idea of several of these people doing disco songs made me want to run for a pair of earplugs.

Studio 54 Headliners

Allison Iraheta - Hot Stuff by Donna Summer - Other than Adam Lambert, Allison is the only true artist in the bunch. She took an iconic song and made it sound like she was the first one to perform it. Aesthetically speaking, she has never looked better. It's nice that they are finally helping her develop a style that shows just how beautiful she is.

Adam Lambert - If I Can't Have You by Bee Gees - Another week, another stellar performance. If he isn't in the finale, something is wrong with the world.

Kris Allen - She Works Hard For The Money by Donna Summer - This is another iconic song from the disco era and it seemed like a strange choice by a male contestant. He took a huge risk and it really paid off. The only problem with Kris is what I've been saying all along - after the top 3 people, will voters remember him?

Danny Gokey - September by Earth, Wind & Fire - I actually predicted that this would be the song he would sing. That's my problem with him - he is too predictable. The other issue I have is that all his songs seem to sound exactly the same and that spark that made me like him during the audition episodes seems to be fading away. Can he get it back and make it to the finale like Paula predicted in week 1? (Of course, she usually predicts the one she wants to have relations with to make the finale each season ...)

Studio 54 Toilet Seat Liners

(Yes, you read that correctly)

Matt Giraud - Stayin' Alive by Bee Gees - There is no other performer or group who can sing this song the way the Bee Gees did. The judges wasted the save by keeping Matt in the competition last week. In an interview with Good Day LA, Simon said that he agreed to use the save because this week it would be Anoop in the bottom spot and no way would he save him. Um, here's a thought - DON'T USE THE SAVE! Bottom line, the judges made us listen to extra crap again this week.

Anoop Desai - Dim The Lights by Donna Summer - One word : Horrible. Please voters, save us from having to listen to him again.

Lil Rounds - I'm Every Woman by Chaka Khan - Once again, Lil chose a signature song of a diva. And once again, she stunk up the stage. First, she looked like a drag queen - and not even a good once. Secondly, someone should have told her that she didn't shave her pits well enough. Thirdly, Simon had it correct - she has been every woman, except herself. She has been a second (or third) rate diva impersonator. Lastly, I don't think it is a good sign when the BACKUP singers outshine the vocalist!

My Bottom Three


I think it is pretty clear who the bottom three performers are. Please voters - don't let us down! On a note about the results show ... I hear we the displeasure of a former season reject. Oh boy. Another crappy performer who over-achieved on an earlier season. Please, pass me the liquor ...

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I completely agree with everything you've said. A group of us got together last night and watched the entire show last night (I finally saw the entire thing!) and to be honest, when they announced Anoop - we were all like "Oh right...he's still around?!?"

I'm still not sure about Adam Lambert. Yes, he's clearly a great singer, and I'll admit, I haven't seen all of his performances...but for the love of GOD - can he please sing something that doesn't make him sound like a woman? Everything I've seen him sing hs been SO high, S-L-O-W, and full of drama. When the judges begin gushing over his perfomance, I feel like I'm on a different planet and can't for the life of me figure out what the big deal is. I'm going to watch his performances on YouTube and try to figure out what I'm missing...and hopefully I'll come across an up-tempo number that he's a man. ;-)

If you watch his other performances, you'll see he hasn't done all slow dramatic performances. He did "satisfaction" which was out of this world and also last week he did "Born To Be Wild" which is definitely not a slow one lol