Want a Quadruple Bypass?

No, I'm not talking about surgery!

There is a restaurant in Chandler, AZ called the Heart Attack Grill. Earlier this week, Rachel Ray talked about it on her show in a segment she calls "Going Too Far?" The following is a video about the restaurant that aired previously on NBC's Dateline :

At this restaurant, the waitresses dress in sexy nurse uniforms and refer to their customers as 'patients'.

The weird thing about this place is that before you sit down, they weigh you. If you tip the scales at over 350 pounds, you eat FREE. That's right - anything you want and however much you want is completely free.

The signature item at the restaurant is the 'quadruple bypass' which is a cheeseburger that is over a foot and a half tall. In other words, you'll need the bypass if you can finish the burger.

I have a huge issue with this place. I understand it's a business and it's about making a buck - but these people are being socially irresponsible. The United States is the fattest nation in the world. As one person said on Ray's show, it's like giving heroin to a drug addict.

What do y'all think?

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I have to say that i disagree with you Dave as far as this is a free country and yes, it is the fatest country in the world BUT, nobody is making people walk into this restaurant nor making them eat there. Eating isn't illegal, at least last time i checked it wasn't so how can they say it's like giving heroin to an addict, heroin is illegal, food isn't. It's up to each individual how much or little they want to be healthy so i say...LET THEM EAT!!!...lol

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as I live in az, and maybe 30 minuets from chandler I'm very interested in going to this place at least once. one if people want to eat healthy they should stop going out. This place does not cover up any fact that their food is entirely not healthy for you. therefor making it pretty hard for anyone who will complain about gaining weight and getting in bad shape from eating ther to sue them.. cause lets face it..everyone is sue happy these days. I agree with the first person who commented, No one is forcing them to eat all of this food. or to even step foot in it. Maybe the dress up nurse waitress part is going to far but hey. it probably brings in business. and nowadays, you bring in business in any way you can

I saw one of those Travel network food shows...I think it was one of the "where to go to pig out" shows...can't remember the name...but they showed this place.

I think it's disgusting and wouldn't eat there...but it's not my place really to tell people they shouldn't...however I'm sure the first actual heart attack that happens will turn around and sue the restaurant for giving them the heart attack.