American Idol Top 7 : Dare To Dance In The Path of Greatness

Did anyone else notice that Paula Abdul was actually kind of sober tonight? I wonder if it has anything to do with her sudden interest in staying with Idol? Or is it that she had Chinese and "dare to dance in the path of greatness" was the fortune she got?

Yes, according to OK! magazine, Paula is doing everything she can to get a new contract with American Idol.

Apparently, the three veteran judges have done a good job of leaving Kara out of the clique. Could it be that Simon and Randy don't want another judge who actually makes sense?

Ok, enough of them ... onto the contestants. Tonight's theme was songs from movies. Somehow every season this theme seems to the most butchered. Every season, contestants pick obscure songs or ones that are so recognizable that there is no way they could compare to the original.

Starring Role

Allison Iraheta - Don't Want To Miss A Thing from Armageddon - Every week she has remained true to herself and now even Simon believes she has a chance to win the whole thing! I remember in the beginning of the season when we had barely even heard her name. I'm glad we finally got to her voice and I am sure we will hear her name for years to come.

Adam Lambert - Born To Be Wild from Easy Rider - Adam is whom Paula said those surprisingly wise words. She really needs to thank the writers on the show for that one, I'm sure. Regardless, Adam brought the house down again this week. I will be surprised if he doesn't win. I almost wish he wouldn't so that 19 Entertainment doesn't suck the creativity out of him to fit him into some mold.

Danny Gokey - Endless Love from Endless Love - Honestly, I wasn't too fond of his performance tonight but at least the second half of his performance was likable. Also, I think that he must have had a lot of emotions about the memory of his late wife running through his head leading up to this performance. I wish he hadn't chosen a long song to be honest. I think we're starting to lose the Danny people fell in love with.

Just An Extra

Matt Giraud - Have You Ever Loved A Woman from Don Juan Demarco - Honestly, the song was way too big for him. Several times he just went flat and I couldn't wait for the song to end. I think we will see him in the Bottom 3 again this week.

Lil Rounds - The Rose from The Rose - Every week, the judges criticize her song choice. I remember back in the first week when she chose a Mary J. Blige song and that was easily her best week - because she stuck to what she does best. The problem is that she keeps choosing songs that a SIGNATURE songs. That means you should stay away from them because when people hear them, they immediately think of the original performer and there is no way someone on Idol is going to measure up to a Diva. The good news for her is that Vote For The Worst has chosen her to encourage its readers to vote for.

Kris Allen - Falling Slowly from Once - Kris chose a song that is very obscure and not even the judges probably had heard of - that's the kiss of death on this show. If the judges don't know the song, chances are the viewers don't either. To top it off, he performed it horribly. He may be making a trip to the Bottom 3 this week thanks to that song choice.

Anoop Desai - Everything I Do from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - Like Lil, Anoop picked a signature song. And like Lil, he did a second rate version of the song. Last week he said he was trying to be an R&B artist - yet there was nothing R&B about his performance as usual. I would love to see him get the boot this week.

My Bottom Three

Anoop Desai
Lil Rounds
Kris Allen

I think the tween girls will keep Matt out of the Bottom 3, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him in there. I am hoping that Anoop gets the boot (or at least an eyebrow waxing) but I have a feeling that Lil is in the most danger of leaving this week. Either way, I'll be happy.

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I didn't watch it this week, but I caught the short re-cap at the end. Based on that, Adam and Allison are still the best. I like her entire 'package' and I think Adam is a good performer, even though he sounds like a woman 90% of the time.
The rest of them are all pretty much in the same league, with Lil Rounds coming in last place. I think her time is up.
I don't know his name, but that guitar playing boy is the cutest thing alive...even though his mouth does weird things when he likey.

I always love reading your comments on the Idol update. I agree with you totally on Lil. She ruined what is supposed to be a wonderful heartfelt song.

GoodBye! And maybe she can take Anoop with her.

Totally agree! I would love this to be a double elimination week!

John ... you're referring to Kris Allen :)