DWTS, Week 6 : You Have The Charm of a Confused Puppy

In the sixth week of competition, the couples unveiled two new dances - the jive and the rhumba. Clearly, the dances couldn't have been more different. The jive is fun and energetic while the rhumba is sultry and passionate. Some were great ... and some just weren't.

Shawn Johnson - Rhumba - She received the first standing ovation of the evening and boy did she deserve it. I think it was great for the two to start her off as 'innocent' and to end up becoming more passionate by the end of the dance. Let's remember - she isn't even 18 yet. She shouldn't be doing some that is overtly "sexual" as she is a role model for many young women. I still think she deserved at least one 10. Score : 26/30.

Gilles Marini - Jive - I think it was easy to see that he hasn't been as dynamic as he has been. Mostly, he has lucked out in getting the Latin styles. For once, his weaknesses showed in this fast paced dance. Once again, he was frantic and he was clearly running out of gas near the end of the dance. I also think he didn't deserve more than an 8. Scores : 26/30.

'Lil Kim - Jive - It was very ironic that they did a criminal/cop schtick for their routine as Kim had a very publicized stint in jail. Overall I thought it was cheesy and started off looking like a bad porn film. I agree with Len - the dance was a great theatrical piece but it wasn't much of a jive. No way did they deserve a 10. Score : 28/30.

Ty Murray - Jive - He was definitely looser in this dance than he was in last week's paso but it looks like he is starting to revert into the unconfident performer he was in the first couple weeks. He was fun to watch but it really wasn't great technically. Score : 18/30.

Melissa Rycroft - Rhumba - Wonderful. The most believable passion so far this season. Score : 27/30.

Lawrence Taylor - Jive - Did he ever take his eyes off Edyta the entire time they dance? It's like he is watching her to tell him what comes next. No way did he deserve even a 7. Score : 22/30.

Chuck Wicks - Rhumba - Clumsy. He looked like more like he was trying to LOOK passionate rather than BE passionate. I agree with Len that some of it was too raunchy. It's clear he doesn't know what sexy is. Score : 23/30.

Steve-O - Rhumba - I think he was way out of his element. I still like him a lot but I think at this point, he is too far behind the other couples training-wise to really stay in it any longer. If he can't handle one routine a week, what is going to happen next week when they have to learn two? As Bruno said, he has the charm of a confused puppy. You really get drawn in and you're rooting for him like hell, but it's just not happening. Score : 16/30.

Bottom Two

I think we can expect Ty and Steve-O in the bottom two, if the judge's scores hold up. I wouldn't be surprised if Lawrence Taylor replaces one of them in the bottom. I really do think this is Steve-O's week to leave us though.

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