American Idol Top 8 Results : I Want You Out Of My Head

Anyone remember the song "Can't Get You Of My Head"?

After Idol tonight, I may never forget it. Can we say TRAIN WRECK?

They were all over the place missing cues, missing notes and just plain butchering this song. Something tells me the person who allowed them to use the song regrets doing so.

Before that gem, we had to endure Frankie Avalon singing "Venus" - which was the #1 song the year Simon was born.

Thank God for the mute button.

After the horrid performances, it was time to get to the Bottom 3. It was no surprise that Anoop was in the bottom. And I finally got my wish to see Lil in the bottom where she belongs. Sadly, Scott was there too. For once, It seems that got it wrong! They had Kris in the Bottom 3 and also him as the person going home.

The Bottom 2 came down to Anoop and Scott and sadly, Scott got eliminated. The judges spent a lot of time deciding whether or not to use the save. In the end, Simon made the decision not to use it.

Do the judges actually think the us viewers believe they will use the save on anyone besides Danny, Adam or possibly Allison? Come on. We know you just want to protect the people you know you'll make a lot of money with.

On a side note - Anyone think Ryan Seacrest uses Bo-tox?

Yeah, me too.

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