Around Our House

Well, I just thought that I would give an update on things around here ...

Darin is happily working again. It's not his dream job, but we are thankful he is finally working again. Chances are it is just a "for now" kind of job, but it is nice to have while we wait for the PA job or something else to come along.

The dogs are very happy.

You know by now that Pokey has discovered chasing critters. I fear for the first one he catches and tries to play with. I have seen his toys when he is done. It ain't pretty.

Dakota is acting more like a dog of 4 than a dog of 10. Before coming here, she never wanted to play. She just wanted to sleep and get attention. Now, she is the one trying to get Pokey to play. The funniest is when she plops on the ground and attacks him like a Venus Fly Trap. I guess we could nickname her Audrey III. It's just as funny to watch her roll over on her back. Until now, she couldn't do it - I think she was afraid she'd get stuck. Now she does it like a pro.

As for me, I'm still here. I am still dependent on the pain medication. I am quickly growing tired of it though. I just want to live a normal, pain free life again. Unfortunately, that may never happen. Would be nice for the disability people to get their butts in gear and approve my claim so I can get some real treatment. Ok - enough venting.

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Happy to hear that everyone is doing well....
I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get all the approvals you need!!!

PS - You and I clearly don't agree on Scott, but that's ok...we can still be friends. :-)