American Idol Top 9 : I-Tunes Plug Week

Hey kids ... Sorry for the lateness of this posting but last night I wasn't feeling great but here's the Idol recap ... better late than never!

Last night the Idols were allowed to choose any song they wanted - as long as the artist has been one of the top downloads on I-Tunes. Anyone else sick of hearing about I-Tunes on this show, or is it just me? I think this is the first show where we can really get a chance to see what kind of artists the Idols could be. It also just reiterates the point that some of these contestants never should have been place in the Top 36 in the first place. So this week we have some contenders and some pretenders in the recap :


Scott McIntyre : "Just The Way You Are" by Billy Joel - Last week Scott was in the bottom 3 and I hope he did enough to find his way out this week. His performance was his best to date and I think he is the one contestant who has been the most true to who he is. While others have done the songs trying to please viewers, he has continued to just do his kind of music. Definitely one of the best this week.

Adam Lambert : "Play The Funky Music White Boy" by Wild Cherry - All I can say is DAMN. Win or lose, Adam is going to be a star. Honestly, I am starting to see him more and more as the front man for a band. I could definitely see him become a star in a way similar to Chris Daughtry - it's just nice to see that he doesn't have the same arrogance that Daughtry did.

Allison Iraheta : "Don't Speak" by No Doubt - I don't care what the judges say, I liked her outfit. And really, does anyone need fashion advice from Randy, Simon or Cruella? I still say she is one of the best performers on the show and she might actually be suited as a front woman similar to Paramore.

Danny Gokey : "What Hurts The Most" by Rascal Flatts - It was nice to see him not be frantic and overpower a song on stage. These are the kinds of songs he should be singing as his appeal is definitely the emotion he brings to the table. On the flip side, when you do a song that is stripped down like this, any mistakes made are exposed and Danny did make a few. He really needs to stop trying so hard to choose songs that he thinks the viewers will like and just perform from his heart - that is why he is in the finals.

Kris Allen : "Ain't No Sunshine" by Al Green - He has been the over-achiever of the competition so far this season. He did another very good performance but I wonder how far he will actually get in the competition. I still keep forgetting about him.


Anoop Desai : "Got A Hold On Me" by Usher - Anoop himself said, "I'm trying to define myself as an artist and I'm trying to be an R&B artist." Why then did he pick an Usher song, try to dress like Usher and try to sing like Usher sings? Simon was right to say he seemed more like a wannabe Usher. I think Anoop was a hot mess and should be in the Bottom 3 this week.

Lil Rounds : "I Surrender" by Celine Dion - Why the hell did she think she could sing Celine? There is always one contestant who continually chooses songs too big for them and this year, that's Lil. She needs to get back to the down and dirty type of R&B that got her into the "Favorites-to-win" category. Right now, she is heading out of the competition. Based on last night, she deserves to be in the Bottom 3.

Matt Giraud : "You Found Me" by The Fray - Matt has been schizophrenic in the competition. One week he brings down the house and the next, he is in the Bottom 2. He needed a strong week after almost going home last week and this performance didn't help.

Megan Joy : "Turn Your Lights Down Low" by Bob Marley - Why. Something tells me everyone wanted to turn the lights out on Megan last night. I really hope the haters decided to give us a break this week and tell its readers not to vote for this mess. I love that Randy compared her to "watching paint dry".

Bottom 3


I could also see Lil ending up in the Bottom 3 as well. Hopefully Megan goes this week but I have a feeling it will be someone else.

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could not agree more with your assessment of AI. Im not that into this year because it just seems weird.

However, Im not a fan of danny gokey, i just dont get the appeal though he did good last night.

allison is my favorite, but not sure if last night was her best. but the girl can sing.

I really like kris allen, I thought he stole the show, but last night was the first night that I actuallly liked