Sometimes it amazes just how awful some people can be. Just here in the Baton Rouge area, we have a serious problem with crime and it is just getting worse. No wonder it just made the Top 50 list of most dangerous cities in the United States!


A female school student at Prescott Middle School was held down and raped in a school classroom by 4 or 5 males students. Another female was held to keep from getting away and reporting that it was happening.

A 7-year-old female student at Park Forest Elementary School alleged that she had been held down and raped during school hours in a classroom by 4 male students. She waited about 2 weeks before she told a family member what had happened. The police are investigating and the family has moved out of the state.

These two stories sicken me. Every child should be able to feel safe at school. It makes me wonder where the security in the schools is? Shouldn't there be teachers or someone walking the halls to make sure things like this doesn't happen? How in the world could something like this happen to a 2nd grader?!?!

Also this week, Livingston Parish police held an online child pornography sting in which they had police act as a 13-year-old girl in a chatroom and they were shocked by what they uncovered. They arrested 4 men and one man is still being sought for arrest. The shocking part of this story is that one of the 4 men arrested was a minister from Holden, LA.

Lastly, earlier this week, a 14-year-old girl was shot in the face. The perpetrator? Another 14-year-old boy! Apparently, he asked the girl to perform a sex act on him and when she refused, he shot her. All of this took place at 4 AM. Why the hell are 14-year-olds outside at 4am in the first place? I would love to know where this kid got the gun in the first place? Where are these kids' parents??

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and this is exactly the reason I REFUSE to put my children in public schooling. It's a sad day when you can't even safely drop your kids off and not wonder if they're going to be ok, and safe.


The story about the 14 year old boy shooting the girl reminded me of an incident that happened here in my home town about 10 years ago. The difference was, it was a boy that shot his sister in the face. He was 7 years old and she was only 5. Where were the parents?? In the next room getting high and drunk. Luckily the little girl survived but had to endure many reconstruction surgeries, all because drugs and alcohol were more important than a child.

I taught in public schools for almost 40 years and have the same questions. If we're doing our jobs, we stay in our classrooms, lock our rooms when we're not in them (lunch, making copies during planning,etc) and stand outside our rooms during class changes. I can't believe this happened during school hours. This is horrible!! And yes, there are crappy parents for sure!