Another Milestone!

Last night I decided to change the "design" of my sitemeter button. Sitemeter is a great service that not only tells me how hits I get, but every two weeks it reports my hits per day AND hits er hour. So I know when y'all are reading me when you should be working. ha!

Until now, I didn't have it show how many hits I had, but it wasn't for any specific reason - I just didn't change it. Yesterday I reached a new milestone and I decided I wanted it to show on my page.

Thanks to all of y'all out there, I have reached 5,000 hits!

I never expected to have so many people interested in my ramblings, to be honest. Y'all have made me extremely happy! Thanks y'all for your support :)

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congrats on the 5000, OMG, thats alot of hits.

I know ... I'm still kind of bruised from it.