American Idol Top 9 : Everybody Do The Bird

Anybody else feel like this was one of the weirdest results shows in Idol history? First, let's rewind to last night's performance show. Remember when some moron in the audience yelled, "broken record" at Kara while critiquing Megan's misery on the stage? Well, turns out the heckler was none other than Megan's BROTHER. Apparently stupidity runs in their family!

Once again, producers turned the results show into a concert for non-contestants by booking Lady GaGa and David Cook to perform. At least Cook has a tie to the show. Why must we continue to watch horrible performances by established artists? This is not a variety hour! I remember when it was ALL about the contestants!

Ok back to the current losers Idols ... Tonight Ryan did the usual Top 9 results by separating the contestants into 3 groups of 3. Usually they do one group is the highest # of votes, middle # of votes and the bottom 3. Tonight, one person in each group was in the bottom.

Tonight's bottom 3 consisted of Allison, Anoop and MEGAN. It is about time! I would love to know what Megan was thinking when she waved her arms like she was flying and made her infamous "caw, caw" noises. Was she DRUNK tonight on the show?? We know at least one other former Idol who performed under the influence

Ryan then asked Simon how many of the 3 would the judges consider saving. Simon answered, "1." I think we all know the answer is Allison. I couldn't imagine them saving Usher Desai or The Drunken Bird.

When Ryan had talked to Megan about being in the Bottom 3 and about what Simon had said last night, she replied that she didn't care about what he said. I know that contestants disagree with Simon a lot - especially when he is right about them sucking - but she could have shown a little more respect toward the judges. It's not their fault she has sucked every week and they are tired of saying the same things over and over and she just ignores them and does whatever she wants anyway.

It was no surprise that Allison was declared the next one safe. Down between Anoop and Megan, I was hoping they'd call it a tie and both would leave. Fortunately, millions of Idol fans got their wish and Megan was eliminated from the competition.

When asked if the judges would consider saving Megan, Simon made it clear that there was no chance the beast would be saved. Like they had to ask. We were then mistreated to a drunk-like performance of Bob Marley's music. God help us.

UPDATE : In several interviews since her ouster, Megan has addressed the topic of her waving her arms and "cawing" like a drunk dodo bird. Apparently, she thought she was doing something cool. Um, no.

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