Could It Be Kris?

There could be a shocking exit on Idol tonight!

I know in my recap, I had pegged Anoop for dismissal but if the predictions of are true, we could be saying good-bye to Kris Allen! I've been saying all along that Kris is forgettable and his performance last night may have left people forgetting to vote for him. is a website that was set up several seasons ago to predict the outcome of the weekly voting for American Idol. People download their program and use it to "speed-dial" for their favorites. Then each week they publish their findings. Many times they are actually correct in their predictions. Last week, they correctly predicted that The Whooping Crane would get voted off.

This week, it is a close call between Anoop and Kris for vote-off.

Ironically, Kris was in the #2 spot in DialIdol's predictions. Allison Iraheta, #8 in last week's predictions, jumped all the way to #3 in their predictions this week.

It will be interesting to see if their predictions hold true this week. They have Scott as #6, Anoop at #7 and Kris in the last spot at #8.

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