DWTS, Week 5 : Like a Dog Peeing On A Fire Hydrant

dYes, Bruno actually told a contestant they looked like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant. Ah, thank goodness for Bruno and his one liners. He makes the show bearable to watch sometimes!

This week our celebrities had to learn one of two new dances - the Viennese Waltz and the PasoDoble. Is anyone one else thankful we didn't have to watch Steve Wozniak butcher one of these two dances? Somehow I think they'd give him the Paso Doble and I couldn't see him as a "bullfighter". Eating bull, I could though.

Time for the recap folks :

'Lil Kim - Waltz - Considering her "tough" persona she has to have for success in the rap world, she managed to look quite elegant tonight. At times, she still looked like she was trying to hard to act "posh" and it diminished the elegance of the dance. As Len pointed out - the dance was lacking in the basic content of a Viennese Waltz. Score: 26/30.

Lawrence Taylor - Paso Doble - Did anyone else want the bull to run him over? I thought so. Score: 20/30 - and that was generous.

Shawn Johnson - Waltz - She really looked beautiful dancing tonight. They took the simple route when it came to choreography and it really paid off. Score: 26/30.

Gilles Marini - Paso Doble - Anyone else kind of sick of this guy? I agreed with Len when he said that the performance seemed hectic at times. On top of that, the beginning seemed quite weak. No way did this deserve a perfect score. Score: 29/30. At least Len is smart.

Steve-O - Waltz - He truly is the Little Engine That Could. He is finally improving! I thought he at least deserved a 7 for this routine. Given how hampered he has been by injuries, it is great to see how hard he is working and how much he is truly enjoying learning the dances . Hopefully the viewers will keep him in. Score: 18/30.

Chuck Wicks - Waltz - He finally woke up! It isn't just Julianne dragging him around anymore. On the other hand, he is still clunky and keeps losing focus throughout the dance. I think he should have attempted something more difficult. Score: 23/30.

Ty Murray - Paso Doble - He reverted back into Mr. Roboto mode tonight. I was watching his face and you could tell he is concentrating too much on the next step than the current one. Score: 21/30.

David Allen Grier - Waltz - Anyone else bored out of their mind when he and Kym are performing? There is no chemistry between these two and it shows. He is the celebrity Bruno said looked like a dog peeing when he lifts his leg during the performance. The judges were far too generous with their scores. Score: 22/30.

Melissa Rycroft - Paso Doble - They had the most difficult routine of the night and should have scored much higher. It isn't fair to be nit-picky with them and not with others. They were just amazing tonight. Score: 25/30.

My Bottom Two

I think Steve-O could be saved this week. I think it is clear he has viewer support and his score this week is close to several others. It wouldn't surprise me to see him in the Bottom 2 though. I think David Allen Grier and Lawrence Taylor are in real trouble this week.

Who Should Go Home?

I want to see Lawrence Taylor or David Allen Grier get the boot!

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