Celebrity Apprentice, Week 6 : It's Better Than Being An Oompa Loompa

Well we started week 6 with the predictable mixing up of the teams. Honestly, I think Jesse James made out the best by ending up with all women and no longer having to deal with the idiot men. Maybe now he can win a task! I really thought Joan Rivers was going to explode now that Trump finally cut the cord between her and Melissa.

The new team rosters are:

Kotu - Herschel, Clint, Natalie, Joan, Khloe
Athena - Brande, Annie, Jesse, Melissa, Tionne

Brian had a concert to perform so he had to miss this week's task and when he returns, Trump will put him on a team. I have to stay the teams still seem a bit one-sided. Kotu got two of the three men and the two women who probably have done the least so far. On the other hand, Athena still has plenty of Melissa vs. Annie drama yet to come.

This week's task was to produce a "viral" video for ALL's new 3x concentrated detergent. For those who don't know what a "viral" video is, it is a video with the shock value or some wow factor that makes me click to watch and then pass to others. The tagline for the product is "small and mighty" so you knew little people were coming! The only requirement for the video was that there needed to be a product pitch somewhere in the video.

From the start, Kotu was in major trouble. Clint came up with the dumbest idea ever and refused to accept that the women were right to not like it. From the moment they expressed their distaste for his concept, he shut the women out. So much so that he ignored them during the filming and even locked them out of the editing room!

The concept? Well it was Clint himself (after he fired the little person they hired for the video) was calling his "mistress" to ask her if she wanted to do the 'dirty laundry' with him that night. The 'dirty laundry' was supposed to be innuendo for sex. When she says she is too busy cleaning her house, he takes the container of ALL into the laundry room to "take care of the need" by himself. At the end of the video, he is shown in the bed while a woman in lingerie offers to 'do the laundry' and he says, "It was a small load. I took care of it myself."

Perhaps the funniest thing (ok, the only funny thing) in their video is when the woman says, "is that all" and Clint replies, "yes, that's all. It's small and mighty!" Obviously he was referring to the product, but it really looked like he was implying that his penis is small and mighty.

Team Athena did a slightly better job. In fact, if it weren't for a few things, they really could have had a great video. Their concept was "Jesse James Dirty With Midgets" and it consisted of Jesse James plugging the product and then being scrubbed down by little people in blue spandex-like suits with yellow wigs. The costumes actually were a nice touch. To a point, their video was funny - and on point.

The problems with their video was that they used the word "midget" and they had profanity at the end of the video. Also, neither team really hit the targeted demographic - women with children. In Athena's defense, when they asked the executives about the target audience, they said the target was women 25 and over - without children.

Needless to say - the executives hated BOTH videos and neither team was declared a winner.

Both project managers - Melissa and Clint - were asked to bring in two people. For Athena, Melissa had asked for volunteers to go in with her since she knew she would take the fall. Only Tionne volunteered and Brande was chosen as the other. For Kotu, Clint chose Khloe and Natalie to come in with him. Like Melissa, Clint had accepted his fate as the reason they failed.

In the end, Trump fired Tionne for volunteering to come into the board room - saving Melissa from being fired. He then fired Khloe because she missed part of the previous task due to flying back to CA to fulfill something for her DUI case. Can we say cop-out??? Clint was an out-of-control tyrant and Melissa should have taken the fall for her team.

But they can bring in more money than the other two. Period. I remember when Trump rewarded those who did a good job and fired those who sucked. Guess that's not what this show is about anymore.

For those who come for my weekly recaps of this show, they may end soon. It's just getting more ridiculous than it was. And now they are contemplating an Apprentice season with celebs and non-celebs mixed together! Like the non-celebs would stand a chance!

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