Survivor Week 11 : Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

Well, the high of Tyson getting voted out finally wore off and I was looking for Coach to reignite that high. Unfortunately, that wouldn't happen this week.

To be honest, nothing I'd hoped for happened.

I thought after making a bold (and correct) move like voting out Tyson, they would follow it up with another bold move.


Wait, I should back up. The reward challenge this week was an old Survivor favorite where they answered questions about the tribe's members and then as they got correct answers, they would cut a rope of an opponent. Once a survivor had all three ropes cut, they would be out.

One of the more interesting questions was, "which survivor hasn't live up to they potential?" The obvious answer was Sierra, but the answer was actually Coach. It's true, he hasn't. He has sucked in challenges and he sucks in the 'social game' as well.

In the end, Stephan beat out Taj for the win. He then took Taj and JT on the reward with him - dinner in a family's home and a trip to a natural spring. While they were gone (and Erinn was at exile), Coach and Debbie took the opportunity to talk to Sierra about regrouping the original Timbira members into an alliance. When she told them no way, Coach decided to tell JT that Sierra approached them about reforming the old tribe alliance.

Liar! So much for him being completely honest and all that garbage he spews.

It's a good thing for Coach that he won the immunity challenge or else he'd have been voted out. I found it amusing that at tribal council he professed that he has never lied and then had the audacity to quote the bible in his defense. I cannot wait for the reunion special just to see this guy get ripped a new bunghole.

The plan sounded like it was going to be Debbie going home, but it ended up being Sierra anyways. No more whining from her at least!

Dumbass of the Weak : Coach. Come on - the guy quoted the bible to defend his 'honesty'.

Surprise of the Week : A vote for Stephan? Not sure what Erinn was doing with that ...

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