Color Blind Furniture ... Who Knew?

Y'all have to watch this commercial. The group that did it went door to door asking businesses if they'd like a free commercial. This furniture store actually told them that they had black customers and white customers! So ... they went with that theme ....

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Too Funny! I noticed it that the store is located in High Point, not so far from me, as the crow flies.


I may be a bit slow, but I don't get the point of this commercial MAKING a point of saying the store is for blacks and whites, I thought every store was for blacks and whites, this isn't "back in the days of slavery" after all. Color me stripped I

Sorry Karen .. a stripped woman isn't much needed for most of us (if not all) here lol


Oh Dave, you know i meant STRIPED, so i don't edit, you know me. You love me anyway...lmfao