Survivor Week 7 : When Pigs Fly

Anyone else having withdrawal symptoms the past week or so? Yeah, me neither.

Well after two weeks, we finally have a new Survivor episode full of morons. Oh, that's nothing new I guess. None are as big a moron as Coach. I don't think there is a bigger douche on television today. Tyson is a close second there as well. Those two are meant for each other.

I think it is safe to say that Jalapao has gone back to its losing ways. After 2 straight Immunity challenge defeats, Jalapao needed a win in the worst way this week.

Their first opportunity came in a Reward challenge in which the tribes built barricades in their opponents structures. The teams then had to toss ceramic piggy banks through the barricades and set them on the bench. Jalapao was behind most of the challenge but had actually taken the lead before tanking the last few throws and ended up losing 13-12. For once, Timbira didn't choose to send Taj to exile and opted to send Joe instead. Joe then chose Erinn to go with him thinking he could use the time to "charm" Erinn in hopes of swaying her to switch tribal allegiance after the merge.

While Joe was at Exile, Taj decided she needed to create a fake immunity necklace (which Joe later found) so that Joe would not discover that it had already been found. Shortly after, JT picked up what he thought was an empty bag and found Taj's immunity necklace in the bag. He mentioned it to Stephan, who played it off like he had just been told about it. After Stephan told her that JT had found it, Taj decided to tell JT about it (she had been trying to convince Stephan to include JT earlier anyway) and told him that if he needs it, he can have it.

At the Immunity challenge, they had to use slingshots to break glass pieces that would release sand and in turn would release a bag of puzzles pieces. After breaking all three, two people would work to put the puzzle together. Tyson and JT started shooting for their tribes and they each ended up taking all the shots. Tyson did well but JT had a lot of trouble and probably should have switched off. Thanks to Tyson, Timbira had a huge lead and won the challenge with ease.

Then the talk of stabbing Taj in the back started.

Stephan and JT were in a very good position. Joe and Sydney were already set on voting for Taj. Stephan has been in an alliance with Taj for awhile and has the 4 person/cross-tribe alliance going. We've already seen that he is more than willing to ditch Taj to advance himself. Stephan even commented to JT that they could vote out Taj and keep her immunity necklace since she had it in his pants' pocket.

At Tribal Council, it was clear that the decision would come down between Sydney and Taj. Jeff asked Taj about her having spent so much time in Exile to which Taj replied that she would be valuable to keep around because it was possible that she had built some relationships that they could potentially use to their advantage after the merge. Sydney was quick to point out that she hadn't spent any time with the other tribe and thus she was loyal to Jalapao. Funny, I didn't realize that Taj couldn't have built a 'relationship' with others and still be loyal to Jalapao. Gosh Sydney - are you always this dumb?

In the end, Sydney got her dumb ass sent home. Good move Stephan and JT - you'll need Taj. By the way, the merge is next week. Things should really get interesting.

Dumbass of the Weak : Taj. Two reasons : 1. Why did you leave your bag with the idol lying around and 2. Why did you give it to Stephan to hold onto?? It almost got you voted out!

Surprise of the Week : Sydney. She actually did something in a challenge!

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