Victory in Iowa

I do believe it is only a matter of time before gays will be able to legally marry in every state. I didn't think that Iowa would be leading the charge.

Today the Iowa Supreme Court legalized gay marriage when it voted unanimously that the state's existing ban on gay marriage was deemed unconstitutional. Iowa joins Massachusetts and Connecticut as the only states that currently allow same-sex marriages.

The county attorney who defended the ban said he would not seek a rehearing meaning that gay and lesbian couples in Iowa can begin seeking marriage licenses starting April 24. The only recourse for opponents of same-sex marriage is to get a constitutional amendment - which would take years to ratify.

Having spent a summer in Iowa, I was surprised that this would be the next state to legalize same-sex marriage.

Anyone up for moving to Iowa?

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Amazing, isn't it? Who knew!


unfortunately I doubt that it will ever be legalized in AZ. WAY to many people are against it. Including top county officials and everything but maybe 20 or 30

Thing is, if the US Supreme Court or Federal Governement makes it law, states may have to follow suit regardless.