Survivor Week 8 : Tale Of Two Douchebags

Some may remember when I declared Coach the "Tool of the Season" after the first episode. I'm starting to believe that Tyson may be a bigger douche than Coach! I don't think there has been anyone as arrogant as Tyson ever on the show. The weirdest thing was when Tyson said that Brendan has felt his hot breath on the nave of his neck (I think the idiot meant nape) and also on the small of his back. Is Tyson saying he was trying to kiss Brendan's ass literally??

I can't wait for the reunion show to see what Tyson thought of his douchery after he saw it.

The show is turning into a race to see which of the two could be the most disgusting Survivor contestant in series history.

This week we finally made it to the merge. That meant the "cross-tribe" alliance could start their carnage on the game.

Or will it?

Coach did a good job of snowballing JT and Stephan into a new "alpha dog" alliance with himself, Debbie and Tyson. Coach has this ridiculous notion that the physically strongest contestants should be the ones around in the end to "duke it out."

Yet he is trying to get rid of Brendan.

That is totally against his strategy for the game. Not that we care. We just want him GONE. Fortunately, it seems his time may be up next week.

Once the tribes merged, the immunity challenge took place. Pretty straightforward, the contestants had to climb up on poles and hang on. And not surprisingly, Tyson won the challenge. I was really surprised to see that Debbie almost won the challenge - not bad for the "old" broad.

That sent everyone into a frenzy. Everyone trying to figure out who to vote for. It also showed just how broken the Timbira tribe actually was. None of them actually believed in sticking together - although they all "agreed" to.

In the end, there was no tribal council. Joe had an infected knee and was forced to withdraw. Several people were very lucky they get an extra 3 days to figure things out.

There are many questions after this episode. Will the "cross tribe" alliance wake up and starting doing anything? Will Stephan stay true to Taj? Will JT really ditch Taj and Stephan for Coach?
Now that Joe is gone, who will Erinn align with? Will Tyson and Coach just get it over with and hook-up?

Dumbass of The Weak : Coach & Tyson. It's hard to pick just one.

Surprise of the Week : Stephan. I was in his corner until recently. There is a way to be sneaky on this show and he isn't doing it in a savvy way.

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