Buy A Haircut - Get Free Liquor

Well, that title will be true if one lawmaker in Louisiana has his way!

Rep. Jerry Gisclair has written a bill to be introduced in the upcoming legislative session that would allow cosmetology businesses to serve a limited amount of alcohol to its clients while still allowing children in their businesses.

Gisclair's bill would allow a cosmetology business to get a liquor license permit allowing distribution of alcohol at no cost. The bill includes strict limits, however, allowing one 12-ounce beer per customer, or two five-ounce glasses of wine or one drink with no more than two ounces of hard liquor.

I find it hilarious that he doesn't think that many businesses will disregard the limitations in the law.

You know there will be drunk idiots falling out the front door of the barber shop in the 'hood.

Only in Louisiana.

Isn't it enough that we have drive-thru daiquiri shops?

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I think that's a GREAT idea.
Would it be too obvious if I got 6 haircuts a day??? ;-)

Um... do you have enough hair for even 2 haircuts??