Toys For Your Kids ... Or Are They?

The Moby Lick ... I think it speaks for itself. Especially since its motto is
"I Blow Them Away!"

This is Wrex the Dawg. Apparently, he makes "really satisfied noises" when he scratches his butt on the floor. He also farts & threatens to piss all over your house. Probably not a good role model for your kids while potty training.

This is Sierra, one of the "Struts Runway Magic Ponies". Apparently, she and her friends are cleavage in their collar bones. This poor horse would tip over backwards if it was real!

This is the Spideran 3 Web Slinger Slip 'N Slide. Who knew it only cost $55 for your kids to slide through Spiderman's wet legs?

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ROFLMAO!!! Not sure which one of these I think is the funniest! These are great...thanks for posting!!!

I couldn't get over the Moby Lick for awhile personally lol