American Idol Top 7 : Double The Pleasure, Double The Tickets Home

First off, why the hell did they make these people dance?

They are SINGERS, not dancers. They proved that.

Well, a few have anyways.

The other thing I noticed in the beginning is something I noticed weeks ago but I wasn't sure I was right. If I am not mistaken, the Idols sang one song as a group. Ryan said they were going to do a medley. At least once before this week, Ryan has said that and they sing one song. Who is the moron causing this?

Let's just blame Paula. It's easier that way.

I think the most shocking part of tonight is that they just gave Lil the boot right away. Is it horrible of me that I kind of enjoyed that they did it that way?

I want to say right now that I am still mad that the judges saved Matt last week. Well, I was anyways. We almost lost Allison! I would also love to know how it was that Matt went from getting the lowest votes last week to not even in the bottom three tonight! Hmmmm ...

The best part of tonight? No more Anoop! That's right, he's gone everyone!

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Lisa Wimberly  

I rarely ever make bets. And there's a good reason for that.....I hardly ever win...LOL. BUT I won tonight's bet that Anoop and Lil would be voted off! YAY, it's way past time for Anoop to be going home!!! And as for the dancing , I thought they did a good job concidering they are not dancers and only had 2 days to learn the routine. I know I couldn't have done it...I trip over my own feet..LOL. Anyway, I'm looking forward to next Tuesday to see what Adam does. IMHO he's the best and should win. Time will tell.

yea, i didnt get that they kicked off lil right from the start. where was the drama?

my poor alison, she is one of the best, if not the best. I cant beieve she has been in the bottom 3a couple of times.

as for matt, i dont get. hopefully matt will be sting next then he will have to go.

did i mention that i hate lip sinkin...its a singing competetion and they got them all lip sinking...what is wrong with this picture.

I wondered about the lip syncing too. They could have at least put headset mics on them to look like they were singing. Sad thing is, I think they were lip syncing earlier in the season as well..

Obviously, Paula needed something to do and since she can't sing ...