Amazing Race : The Million Dollar Potty Break

Last week we left off with Jamie & Kara arriving at the pit stop and being told that the leg of the race wasn't over yet. Poor girls - they thought they'd finally won a leg and that happens!

After getting the clue from Phil, the racers had to go to an area in Beijing full of shops and find a Travelocity gnome hidden throughout the various places. The clue to the next place was attached to the bottom of the gnomes. The teams didn't have much trouble finding one, although Jen & Kisha walked right past one without seeing it.

Their next task was to take a ride on an electric bicycle. The coolest thing was that they passed Tienanmen Square on the way to their next clue. That clue was the Detour - Beijing Opera or Chinese Restaurant. In Opera, they had to dress as traditional performers in traditional make-up and costumes. In Restaurant, teams had to take the orders of 5 customers in Mandarin and repeat it perfectly back to the chef. Then, they had to serve the food to the customers.

Obviously, Tammy & Victor chose to do the restaurant task since they speak Mandarin. The best part of that choice was watching them still get one of them wrong and having to try again.

The other three teams each chose to do the Opera task - which wasn't difficult for any of them. The problem came AFTER the task when they were trying to find the U-Turn location where the next clue was placed. Even though it was right there at the Opera, all 3 teams walked up and down the streets trying to find it. Fortunately, Luke and Margie found it well before the other two. Somehow, I think that Jen & Kisha were wishing they didn't have to find the U-Turn podium.

As the first team to reach the U-Turn, Tammy & Victor chose to give the U-Turn to Jen & Kisha. Unlike the first time they had the U-Turn option, teams choosing to use it had to post not only the team getting U-Turned, but also themselves. By choosing Jen & Kisha, that meant the sisters would have to go back and do the Restaurant option as well. They chose Jen & Kisha because, as they even wrote on the board, they didn't think they could outrun them in a foot race at the end of the final leg. Honestly, every other team were already planning on choosing Jen & Kisha if they got there before them.

After leaving the Opera house, teams had to find a marked street food vendor and eat a plateful of fried delicacies. Of course, it couldn't be that easy. The fried foods included grasshoppers, starfish and other insects.

Makes you want to eat a big plate of them, doesn't it?

Only one team really had a huge problem with the food - Jen & Kisha. Jen was eating very slowly and even vomited once. Not only that, but she drank 4 bottles of water to get it all down. Her slow eating allowed Jamie & Kara to catch up and Jen finished just moments ahead of Jamie. Jamie was shoveling the food in her mouth and never once stopped to complain about it like Jen had.

Tammy & Victor and Margie & Luke finished 1-2 and were easily into the Final 3. That third spot came down to a tight race between the other two teams. The difference? The time Jen spent in a Port-a-Potty! That's right ... she went to the bathroom before checking in at the Pit Stop. Essentially, that bathroom trip cost them a chance at $1 million!

So, our final 3 teams are Tammy & Victor, MARGIE & LUKE and Jamie & Kara.

I wonder who I am rooting for ...

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