Celebrity Apprentice : Chicken Of The Sea

The task for this week was to create a jingle and a 30-second radio commercial for Chicken of the Sea tuna. Now, I think most people over 30 can remember their jingle - or at least the last line. Something so iconic is hard to replace. The one requirement for the jingle was that it had to include some lyrics from the original.

Right away, Annie and Brande knew they were at a disadvantage - the other team had Grammy-winning Clint Black. Also right away, Clint got his arrogance on and assumed his team would win hands-down.

Right from the beginning, Annie and Brande were struggling. The one thing I think they had over the other team is that they actually listened during the meeting with executives. Clint controlled the other team's meeting but while he asked all the right questions, I'm not sure he actually listened to the answers much. He has the look on his face like he is paying attention but I'm not sure the hamster is running all the way around the wheel in his mind.

I think as the time went by, Annie was able to write a great, catchy jingle that I could easily hear on the radio or in a television commercial. To top it off, Brande made a great commercial and in the end, their presentation was spot on. The best part about the presentation was that they played the jingle a second time and let that be the last thing the executives heard.

On the other side, I think Clint's arrogance got in the way once again. It's his way or .... well, when he is in charge there is only his way. I think he did produce a well-written and well-sung jingle but it was limited in its universal appeal - not everyone like country music. Also, their commercial spot was funny but at the same time, it was very cheesy.

In the end, Annie and Brande won the task! And finally, Clint couldn't escape being fired.

After Clint's (wonderful) firing, the final 4 contestants had "interviews" with last season's winner, Piers Morgan. It was apparent after the interviews that he wasn't fond of Brande or Jesse. Jesse, he said, was very hard to figure out. The strike against Brande was that it seemed she was too much of a follower. Jesse's strike was that he hadn't raised a single penny and he wasn't too willing to use his "celebrity" to raise money or to win a task. Both Jesse and Brande were fired.

That leaves us with Annie Duke and Joan Rivers. I am actually surprised that Joan is in the final 2. She has done NOTHING. She was the PM for only the very first task and since then she has just done a whole lot of whining. She hasn't raised any money whatsoever. The only thing she has done is run her mouth about Annie and Brande and Clint - people who were better than her!

As for Annie - like her or love her, she has been the best participant this season. I'm looking for her to kick Joan's ass.

To be honest, I think Trump chose Joan just see Annie slaughter her.

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