American Idol Finale : Adam vs Kris

I don't think I have been shy to voice my love of Adam Lambert this season. And tonight is no different. The finale didn't have the same overall excitement of last season's finale but Adam lived up to all the hype. Kris, not so much.

Tonight the two guys performed three songs: a personal choice, a producer's choice and the 'winner's song' which was co-wrote by Kara DioGuardi. Once again, the original song for the winner is pretty craptastic.

Round 1 - Personal Choice

Adam - Mad World by Tears For Fears - Even better than the first time he performed this song. He could be THE best performer that Idol has ever had.

Kris - Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers - Definitely great vocals, but he didn't even look at the audience once during the performance. I agree with Simon to a point - he proved why he is in the finals.

Simon says ... KRIS won round 1 ... barely.

Round 2 - Producer's Choice

Adam - Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke - May be the best Idol performance throughout the entire history of the show.

Kris - What's Goin' On by Marvin Gaye - Am I the only person who didn't recognize this song? Kris made the song way too up tempo and lost the emotional impact the song has on people when they hear it.

Simon says .... ADAM won round 2 ... by 1 million percent!

Round 3 - Winner's Song

Adam - No Boundaries by Kara DioGuardi & Cathy Dennis - He took a crappy, cheesy song and sung the hell out of it.

Kris - No Boundaries by Kara DioGuardi & Cathy Dennis - At this point in the competition, you can't make visible mistakes. Kris goofed up on the chorus and the key was way too high for him. Yes the song was awful but he made it even worse. I know he can sing far better than he did.

Based on the judges' comments .... ADAM won round 3!

The question is .... Who will win the viewer vote?

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Well, at least we can agree that the third song was a piece of crap. :-)
I'm very interested in seeing what happens tonight.
As I said on my blog, I appreciate Adam's talents, but I'm just not a fan.
What's really interesting to me is the 'hoopla' that the media has created about who's going to get the votes.
The GAY one? Or the 'other' one?
We shall see....

I will say this ... I think Adam has more people voting for him, but those Kris fans are working very hard to make him the next Idol ... has Kris a teeny bit ahead based on their users...

What disturbed me was when someone told me that they would never vote for a "faggot" and were voting for Kris. The ironic thing is that they had never voted for Idol before last night. They just didn't want a gay person to win.


In my humble opinion, Adam also won the 1st round.It upsets me that some people are voting, not for who they think is the most talented, but because of their sexual preference. That's just wrong! I hope Adam wins!!