Dancing With The Stars : The Mirror Ball Goes To ...

First, I have to admit I didn't see a lot of the first hour because of the preview of Glee over on FOX. Let me tell you ... if you didn't watch it, get yourself over to FOX.com and watch it. It might be one of the best written shows debuting this fall ... especially considering it is a FOX show!

As for the DWTS finals, I knew the first hour would be mostly a parade of the crappy dancers like Denise Richards, Belinda Carlisle and The Woz.

Speaking of the Woz ... did we really need to bust out that pink boa again? And why, oh why, did Tom Bergeron ask him to do the 'worm'? Looked more like a spastic or dying worm to me.

As for the finalists dancing one more time for judges' scores, I knew they would give them all perfect 30's so they wouldn't change the results. With the scores so close last night, it would come down to the viewer voting to decide a winner.

My pick, Melissa, came on third. Not too shabby considering she had like 3 days notice before joining the cast at the beginning of the season.

The winner? Thankfully it was NOT Gilles!

Congratulations to SHAWN JOHNSON - the youngest competitor in the show's history and now, the youngest champion as well!

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I LOVED 'Glee' and I can't wait to see it in the Fall.
It was SO right up my alley, it was a little frightening.

Admit it John ... you just liked the shot of the teacher in bed with his shirt off lol