American Idol Finale : Return of the Idol Rejects

In a way, the last episode is kind of sad as it marks the end of the season, it is just plain sad because of the rejects we are forced to listen to. We voted them off for a reason!

The show started off with a montage of each judge. They showed some of Paula's most drunken moments; Randy being his usual ignorant self; Kara's love of the words 'sweetie' and 'honey'; and for some reason, Simon's hearing problem. That was three minutes I will never get back.

First massacre of the night was Pink's So What ... oddly enough it wasn't as big a hot mess as I expected. Although, it would have been much better had they given a big solo part to Allison Iraheta.

That was followed by a performance of Permanent by David Cook. I'm not a big fan of his but I thought it is very cool of him to be releasing the live performance to I-Tunes for charity. All proceeds from the song will go to ABC Squared to help find a cure for brain cancer, which his brother recently died from.

Ryan then presented the first "Golden Idol" for "Outstanding" Male from the auditions. No surprise that it went to Nick Mitchell aka Normund Gentle. Mitchell then treated the audience to an encore of And I am Telling You. That boy is hilarious, people!

He also gave the "Outstanding" Female to Tatiana Del Toro. Ya know, she may be annoying as hell but at least the girl can sing. I'd preferred her in the finals over Megan and Jasmine.

For Best Attitude, they had Katrina aka Bikini Girl come out on stage in an even skimpier bikini. Ryan said he would ask what's new, but he already could see what is new ... her obvious boob job. Then we had to suffer through her singing Vision of Love again. At least this time, Kara DioGuardi came out in the middle and sang the hell out of the song ... and revealed herself in a bikini as well.

My eyes still hurt.

Then we started the duets. First up was Queen Latifah and Lil Rounds singing Cue The Rain. Why couldn't Lil sing that good during the competition? I wouldn't have slammed her so hard!

The next collaboration was Jason Mraz with Alexis Grace and Anoop Desai singing I'm Yours. That would have been much better if they muted Alexis and Anoop.

Then we had the unusual duet of Kris Allen and Keith Urban, singing Kiss A Girl. Does that mean they are going to try to push Kris as a country artist? I hope not since he is NOT a country singer.

We then had to endure the Idol females singing Fergie's Glamorous. Am I the other person who thought that Megan Joy looked like a hooker? I'm not sure what was worse ... her outfit or her singing. That song led into an appearance of Fergie to join the girls singing Big Girls Don't Cry. After that, the rest of Black Eyed Peas came out and performed their smash hit, Boom Boom Boom.

The next duet was kind of weird. Allison teamed up with Cyndi Lauper to sing Time After Time. Allison sounded fine on it but was Cyndi on something? I didn't quite understand what she was trying to do.

Danny Gokey was up next with Lionel Richie's Hello and then Richie joined him on stage for Just Go and All Night Long. SURPRISE! Lionel Richie just released a new album. What a shocker. Oh ... Karaoke Gokey proved he still can't dance. Surprisingly, though, he actually sounded good tonight! He was another one who was remarkably better tonight than when they were still in the competition.

Perhaps the best duet of the night was when Adam Lambert started off with Beth and then teamed with KISS to sing Detroit Rock City and Rock and Roll All Night. He showed once again just how big a star he was going to be because he out-shined KISS ... and that is really hard to do.

Next up was Carlos Santana who performed Black Majic Woman with Matt Giraud. That was followed up by a ear-punishing rendition of Smooth by all the Idols. Anyone able to tell me what the hell Jorge Nunez was trying to do while he had his one solo moment of the evening? I couldn't tell if he was trying to act sexy or if he was having some kind of seizure.

The next performance was the most disturbing of the night. Who the hell decided they should book Steve Martin to do his horrible banjo playing for the show? Poor Michael Sarver (SWOON!) had to sing with him ... and Megan Joy. The bitch can't perform ... why give her a duet to do? Jasmine didn't get one ... Megan didn't need to!

The girl was so bad that Steve Martin looked as if he had to take a shit during her performance. She couldn't even get the timing right.

I felt horrible for my Hottie. I'll make him feel better ...

The next massacre performance was the boys doing If You Think I'm Sexy followed by Rod Stewart singing Maggie Mae. I loved the older songs of Rod Stewart's but damn he is way past his prime.

The final performance was Kris and Adam teaming up to do We Are The Champions ... with QUEEN! Definitely a highlight for me. Oh, and Adam clearly out-shined Kris once again.

Oh ... the winner. Yeah. Kris won. I'm not happy about that but I will write another posting about that.

So, another season of American Idol has finished. We now just get to wonder if there will even be a next season given all the judge drama that has been going on ...

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I was excited with some of the guest artists...David Cook, Carlos Santana, Rod Stewart and Queen!!! What a show!!! I won't even talk about the other guest My fav part of the show was definitely Adam & Kris with Queen! AWESOME!!!