Can We Really Celebrate The Ending of Idol?

I know that title sounds odd ... but I have some thoughts about the final voting on American Idol.

First off, I'm happy for Kris.

Did he deserve to win? Not if we're basing it on performance, star quality or versatility.

For starters, Kris benefited from the website Vote For The Worst telling their readers to vote for Kris - only because they didn't want Adam to win.

Secondly, I was very disappointed when someone told me they were voting for Kris solely for the reason that they didn't want the "faggot" to win. They told me they were Christians and therefore had to make sure the Christian won. Who's to say that Adam isn't a Christian? Has Adam actually verified the gossip going around about his sexuality? Heck this person hadn't even voted for Idol before - and there are many more out there like this person.

What hurt the most is that this is NOT how a Christian should behave. Why are there so many who try to justify their hate by saying, 'I'm a Christian." Funny, I have read the Bible and I don't remember seeing where it says that we should discriminate or hate other people.

The silver lining in Kris winning is that Adam will not have to sing that horrible song again. That single could kill Kris Allen's career before it even begins. Also, Adam won't have to worry about 19 Entertainment and the producers of Idol screwing with his image. Now he will be able to sign with a label that is going to allow Adam to be Adam.

That is worth Adam coming in second. I can't wait!

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I hated to see Kris win, even he said that Adam deserved to win. Don't get me wrong...Kris is good but Adam was consistently awesome in his vocals and performance and versatility. He should have been the winner. But I hope you're right about him not winning that it will be better for his career. It has happened to some others. Also, I believe that most of Gokey's fans voted for Kris and that's what put him in 1st place. I can't wait for Adam's 1st album to come out.

As you know, I'm not the biggest fan of Adam's voice, but I agree with what you've said about some people's reasons for voting the way they did. It's completely frustrating and beyond irritating. However, that's how I feel about any and all 'Christians' that make ridiculous and hateful statements about 'the gays'. They're being complete hypocrites and for some reason they just don't see that.
BUT...that's a whole other topic for another day.

I also agree with what you've said about Adam and his future career. I'm sure he'll find a label that will allow him to be who he is and he will have a lot of success with them. I probably won't be running out to buy his album, but that's just one more album that LisaW can buy. :-)


Me and my husband actually got into a full blown out fight about this. He was happy adam didnt win solely on the fact of his appearance and his supposedly being 'gay'. I on the other hand said it does not matter what he looks like,or who he sleeps with. HE was by far the best and most talented one on idol, and this is a contest about talent, not christianity, or Gay rights, or who can do their hair the best.
by the end of the fight, i had him agreeing that adam should've won. HA!

and you're right Christians should NEVER act like that. I am a christian. and I have plenty of bi sexual and Gay friends, and by god if my husband can be civil to them givin his history, then so can everyone.

Plus i've never really agreed with the whole 'you're going to hell if you're gay speech blah blah blah' I believe God loves us for who we are. Not who/what we sleep with.


I'm sorry that I don't watch idol just cuz of your post. I would have voted for the better singer.