American Idol Top 3 Results

Well, my dream of a Gokey-free finale on Idol has come true! The only bad thing about him going is that once again we had to see multiple clips about his deceased wife. Do we really need to keep being reminded of that?

Thank you viewers for sending him back to the karaoke bar he came from and sparing us three identical, headache-inducing songs next week.

Once again, the results show had less to do with the Idols and more to do with crappy non-Idol performances. I won't speak ill of the kid who sang the song I couldn't understand the words to because I don't want to be struck by lightning.

I will say, however, that Katy Perry needs to have her 15 minutes of fame to end quickly. Does anyone else think she is secretly a drag queen?

And we had another crappy performance by a former contestant. Jordin Sparks showed again why her season sucked and why Melinda Doolittle should have won.

So .... Adam or Kris, y'all?

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Adam hands down. he was just born to be a star. and he obviously already knows how to handle stardom :) Plus he looks damn good in eyeliner


Adam all the way!!!

its adam all the way. I agree, thank God Goakey is out, i can at least handle Chris's

I was a big dolittle fan