American Idol Top 4 : Rockers And Those Other Guys

I know I was worried about Country week previously, but I was worried about Rock week even more. I knew that Adam and Allison would give stellar performances but I had a feeling that Danny and Kris would be mediocre. Plus, Slash was their mentor this week. I wasn't sure how great he would be at it, but it was certainly a step up musically from Jamie Foxx!

Another thing that worried me was the news that the Idols would be paired off and sing duets. At first, it excited me to think of Adam and Allison getting to perform together. Then I thought, nah... they'd never do that. I thought for sure they would split them up. Thank goodness they didn't! That made me wonder if Allison would be able to hold her own on that stage with Adam.

The Rockers

Adam Lambert - Whole Lot of Love by Led Zepplin - There are just so many different ways to say how awesome Adam is on stage. By far my favorite part was near the end when he sang without the band .... magical! Side note : I think Kara was having an orgasm as she yelled, "yes ... yes ... yes...!"

Allison Iraheta - Cry Baby by Janis Joplin - I don't care why Randy or Kara say ... Allison was incredible tonight. I wondered if she would wilt under the obvious pressure there would be tonight because this is her genre ... but she handled it like a seasoned performer. I think last week and this week, we're really getting to see just how well she can connect to a song and to the audience.

Adam/Allison Duet - Slow Ride by Foghat - I worried that Adam would completely overpower Allison. I was relieved that he didn't ... in fact, I think she out-shined HIM! I think the best way to describe their performance was as a game of 'oneupsmanship'. As Kara said, a true duet is where he person makes the other person need to be better - that's exactly what they did.

Those Other Guys

Kris Allen - Come Together by The Beatles - He was like Opie Taylor trying to be a rock star. He was trying too hard to be something he isn't. At one point, his face looked like it was melting because he was trying to 'look' and 'act' like a rocker. Could be going home this week.

Danny Gokey - Dream On by Aerosmith - Imagine Lionel Richie trying to be Steven Tyler ... that's how Danny sounded tonight. Was more like a night terror than a dream, that's for sure. Oh, and when he started that god-awful screeching? My dog started barking at the television. I'm hoping he gets the ticket home this week.

Kris/Danny Duet - Renegade by Styx - They managed to take an iconic rock song and make it boring. They are clearly NOT rock singers. Oh, and Paula actually thought they gave a powerful performance. Powerful? The only thing that was powerful was the regurgitation erupting in my stomach.

MY Bottom 2

Kris Allen
Danny Gokey

I wouldn't be surprised to see Allison in the Bottom but she definitely does not deserve to be. She has proven that she should join Adam in the finale. I honestly don't care if it is Kris or Danny who is eliminated as they both deserve to get the boot. If I had to choose, I would keep Kris over Danny ... I could stand listening to him sing two songs next week. Danny would just sing two songs that sound the same - painful.

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nothing to add, i totally agree with everything you said.