Australian School Blasted for 'Disabled Dress-Up Day'

I read this today on FoxNews ...

An Australian primary school has infuriated parents and disability advocates by asking students to come to school dressed as a disabled person as part of a fundraiser.

In a newsletter sent home to parents on Wednesday, Ramco Primary School in South Australia advised it would hold a "disability day" and fundraiser on Friday, May 29, with prizes for the "best students dressed as a person with a disability."

The aim of the dress-up is to raise money for a clinic in Bangladesh that repairs cleft lips and palates in children, The Advertiser reports.

Its newsletter stated: "There will be prizes for the best students dressed as a person with a disability. Get your thinking hats on and see what disability you can represent!"


Obviously their aim was to raise awareness of how difficult it can be to live with a disability. However, whomever thought up this idea really shouldn't be planning school events anymore. Apparently, the principal thought kids would just come to school with their arm in a sling or bandaged up.

How could they not think people might get offended by this??

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I've heard of school programs where students are asked to live the life of a disabled person for a day - such as spending the day in a wheelchair - to raise awareness but 'dressing up' as though disability was some form of costume ball? Outrageous! Keeping in mind that everything is a matter of perspective, I have to hope that the organizer did this with the best intentions in mind. However, this doesn't bode well for this person's reputation as an educator.

My community college did what Elf wrote. They had a day where students volunteered to 'be disabled' for a day. Some were in wheelchairs, some had crutches, and some wore earplugs. I didn't get to participate, but a few friends did. We never even thought of a "dress disabled" does one "dress disabled" anyway? Many disabilities aren't outwardly visible. I have a friend who I forget that she's hard of hearing LOL...if she doesn't wear her hair clipped back, you can't see her hearing aids so you wouldn't even know.