Bachelorette Sends Four Packin'

After sending five guys home last week, Jillian still had twenty guys in the running for her heart. This week's episodes had Jillian going on three dates: 2 group dates and 1 one-on-one date. And like this past season of The Bachelor, not all the guys would go on dates with Jillian at all.

The first date was a pool party group date. On this date, Jillian had: Wes, Tanner P., Michael, Brad, Julian, Ed, Brian and Sasha. While the first part of the group date was pretty uneventful, it wasn't long before Jillian took the rose and took off with it. Host Chris Harrison informed the guys that there was a twist to the date. The guys were split into 4 pairs of two and had to race throughout Los Angeles to find Jillian. For the most part, the guys were acting like drunken frat guys ... don't they realize they are on national television and should probably act like they have class even if they don't have any?

The first clue took them to a restaurant in Hollywood where the guys had to change into tuxedos. The next clue, which was in the pockets of the tuxes, took them to the "line" in the kitchen where they found a clue telling them to go left out of the restaurant door and find Jillian's "friends" which was a jewelry store. Once there, the guys had to choose one of four necklaces that they thought would look best on Jillian. The next clue took the guys to a bank vault where Jillian would be locked in with one of the guys for a one-on-one meal.

Here is the crappy part of the scavenger hunt. Brad and Wes were the first two guys to make it to Jillian and therefore, one would dine with Jillian. Because she actually buys Wes' story that he wrote a song for her and that he is there for her (even though we know he just wants to be discovered) and despite the fact that Brad did all the work to get them there first, Jillian chose Wes for the dinner date.

WHAT? How the hell could Jillian actually buy his "I wrote this song for you but anyone willing to sign me to a label can have it" routine? And of course, he became the first guy to kiss her - which, of course, the rest of the guys watched on a television screen. And yes, Wes got the rose.


I really wish the people on this show wouldn't pick the slimiest contestants to stick around. Although, I must say that Jillian has more than the usual handful of douchebags this season.

On a happier note, the next date card arrived and Jake (the pilot) was given the honor of having the first one-on-one date with Jillian. If y'all remember, Jake was my pick based on the first episode. And I have to tell you, I am even more impressed with him after this date!

Jillian took Jake to get some new country-style clothes and then to the House of Blues for a private dinner. One of the best things about Jake is that he is looking for his "best friend," which we know is what Jillian is also looking for. Before eating, Jillian wanted to teach Jake some "two step" moves ... surprise! Jake ended up teaching her some moves instead. Nice to see that there is more to the handsome pilot! After some great conversation, Jillian surprised Jake with special private concert ... with Martina McBride! How awesome it must have been to have Martina serenade them for their first dance together.

I wouldn't have minded dancing with Jake to that either! And you better believe that our stud got the rose.

The other group date was next. The guys on it this time were: Jesse, Mark, David, Senor Crisco (Mike), Simon, Kiptyn and Juan. This time, the guys and Jillian got to play some basketball against each other. After a while, Jillian told the guys she had a surprise for them. When she returned, she had some of the Harlem Globetrotters with her. After they finished playing, they all went down to the beach to hang out and relax. After Jillian said something about being spontaneous, Senor Crisco stripped down to a speedo, he ran to the ocean to jump in.

The date then went inside for some relaxation and for Jillian to get a chance to talk to some of the guys alone. Before anything else, Jillian suggested doing a shot to toast the occasion. After the toast, Juan poured out his shot rather than drink. I would have probably offered my shot to someone else, but I did not see anything wrong with what he did. Apparently, David did. He kept going on about Juan violating some ridiculous 'man-code' when he didn't drink the shot. When did they go back to a frat house?? David's suggested solution was to "tie [Juan] to a tree and beat the shit out of him." All because he violated some caveman code. I really wish Jillian could see that kind of stuff go on so we wouldn't have to keep listening to some of these idiots.

In the end, Senor Crisco got the rose since he jumped in the ocean in a speedo. Oy, Jillian is not the best judge of guys is she?

At the cocktail party, only a few interesting things happened. We got to see just how ugly Wes' personality is when he interrupted Robby's time with Jillian after just a couple minutes - despite the fact that he already had a rose AND had been in the house for 3 days with Jillian! Also, Brian decided he was going to impress Jillian by stripping down into his birthday suit and jumping in the pool. Don't think that was gonna work for him.

The big excitement was that, like last season, the bachelors got to vote on the person they thought should go home immediately. Unfortunately, the guys couldn't choose Wes like they wanted. So, the guys chose Juan over David & Julien. Chris then announced that Jillian had the power to veto the vote by giving Juan a rose right then and there. Which she did. That made both our picks able to stick around for at least one more week!

At the rose ceremony; Brian, Simon, Julien and Mathue were the four guys left without a rose. When asked about his attempt to impress Jillian, Brian said that at the time, "the cold made me hung like a light switch and had shrinkage."

Sure ... blame it on the cold, Brian.

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I sure did hate to miss tonights I really appreciate you catching me up on the details of what went on. Seems like I missed a great show! I'm happy that Jake and Juan both got roses...they are my picks too. And Mr. Crisco needs to go home....oh yeah, did the water bead up on his hair and keep it from getting wet??!! LOL.