Children Scammed in Baton Rouge

I have heard of some despicable con jobs but this one takes the cake.

83 students and parents from Brownsfield Elementary in Baton Rouge were celebrating the students graduating the fifth grade by taking a bus trip to Atlanta. The trip cost $250 per person and included excursions to Six Flags, the Coca-Cola museum and the Martin Luther King, Jr. History Center.

They would never make that trip.

When the parents and children showed up to leave for Atlanta, they found out there never was a trip and over $22,000 was now missing. Three parents were listed as organizers for the trip: Shandell Brown, Maya Dryer and Dawn Tolbert. Local 9News spoke to one of the parents who didn't want to be identified. She and other parents said that Maya Dryer was in charge of the money.

Apparently, the money was handed over to Maya Dryer, who then turned it over to her mother, Patricia. Now no one seems to know where that money is.

Except the Dryers.

No one answered the door at the Dryer house. Police and the EBR School District are investigating the embezzlement.

I don't know about y'all but this disgusts me. In a city where kids are failing and the schools are failing, here is a group of people celebrating the children's academic success. And these people had to piss on that and rip off a group of children. These were children who were more excited about going to the MLK Jr. History Center than they were about going to Six Flags.

I hope they make sure these people go to jail for what they've done. It is people like them that help make people lose hope and trust in other people. No child should be ripped off like this.

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Wow. That's a terrible story. It really bugs me when people take advantage of one another...not to mention the fact that we're talking about 5th graders in this situation.
I hope those ladies get what they deserve.
Please keep us posted...I don't get much LA news up this way. :-)

I will. So far, no one has been able to find the two Dyer women, or at least I am assuming that since they haven't updated the story as of yet.


This is disgusting! Ripping off kids is soooo low. I hope they find these women and put them under the jail. Also promise them a stay in a "Country Club" jail and put them in a really bad jail. Give them a taste of their own medicine.