Bravo's Rip-Off of Project Runway Is A Flop

For those who watch Project Runway, you know about the drama that has taken place ever since the creators of the show decided to switch to Lifetime after several seasons on the Bravo network.

After much negotiation, the show was finally allowed to switch networks.

In its place, Bravo created a crappy imitation called The Fashion Show. It is hosted by Destiny's Child's Kelly Rowland and the judge's panel is headed by fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi.

This past weekend I stayed at my in-laws house and had cable for the first time in months. Let me just say, this show was wretched.

First off, what fashion expertise does Kelly Rowland have? At least the other show has Heidi Klum, who actually has some fashion expertise. Secondly, Isaac Mizrahi isn't exactly the most notable designer out there today. Heck, if he didn't have a line of clothes at Target, most people wouldn't even know who he is these days. The only real credible thing about this show is that Ferne Mallis, the head of NY Fashion Week, is on the judging panel.

Possibly the worst part about this show is the designers they chose. I am not sure they could have found any flamier gay men to be on the show. And that Honduran guy needs a good bitch slap.

What I find really funny is that the contestants keep throwing around their schooling. I have news for them ... being in school and actually doing it professionally are two very different things. It doesn't really matter what school you went to. Hell, many of the top designers are self-taught.

If I were Bravo ... I would pull this show and put your viewers (the dozen or so actually watching) out of their misery.

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