Celebrity Apprentice Fixed??

Normally, I would do a complete recap of the episode, but not this time. I am infuriated at the result of the finale. If you didn't watch, Joan Rivers was declared the Apprentice.

I would love to know how in the world she was better than Annie this season. Until the final task, Joan had brought in NO money. She was the project manager on the FIRST task and never again. When she was the PM, her daughter Melissa did everything for her. The only other task where she did anything was the hotel task and as concierge, she screwed things up left and right. The only other thing she added to the show was her insults and tirades against at least three other contestants in the board room.

I'd like to know how that record made her deserving of being in the final 2, let alone to win the show.

Now, on the final task, she took a lot of credit for what her TEAM did. The only thing Joan did herself was hire a bunch of creepy looking celebrity impersonators. Well, she did one other thing. She offended the event planner that was provided to her so much that he quit. Oh, and his company quit any ties to the show! And she even had the nerve to call Annie Duke a liar when she told Trump what the company told her.

I think in a real situation, any employee of Donald Trump that could act that unprofessionally and makes an event planner quit less than 24 hours before a huge event would NOT be employed anymore. In fact, any employee who acted the horrid way Joan has each week would NOT have their job anymore.

Now, some people say that things ended up being fair since both teams had to scramble to find an alternate way to get their event done. Not really. Joan knew HOURS before Annie did that the planner had quit.

I commend Annie Duke for not stooping to the neanderthal level that Joan did during the season. Annie raised the most money by HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS and excelled as project manager several times. In the tasks where someone else was the PM, she was always one of the hardest working people - even if it wasn't her charity. Notice that Joan only worked hard when it was HER charity that would receive money.

By choosing Joan as the winner, Donald Trump condoned the abysmal behavior of Joan Rivers. She has said that Annie was "worse than Hitler" and has even referred to other poker players as Mafia members! Is that the kind of person you would hire?

So Mr. Trump, was the show fixed? It sure seems that way. In NO WAY should the winner have been decided from ONE TASK. I am sure he picked Joan because she has a more recognizable name and will profit more from Joan winning than Annie. The winner is supposed to be the person who has been the best all season long and deserves to have their charity win the money - not the person who will make Trump the most money.

For that, he has lost me as a viewer.

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The Apprentice is fixed and flawed.

The winner, JOAN RIVERS, has a reality show deal with Mark Burnett- the producer of Celeb Apprentice.

Trump himself has been involved with Joan's charity God's Love We Deliver, along with his sister-in-law being Vice-Chair and Nephew being involved in the MANHATTAN based charity.

But did the other players know this? That is my question.


i have just had a 3 day marathon viewing of this program, first of all, if that was meant to follow the first celeb competition, it failed.
Second... What a Fix! yes pitch these two competitors in a head to head, it made good TV, which the first half of the series didn't!! but please make it a level and fair field, Total fix!

Finally, these celebs are so stupid to think that the way there treated is unfair.
The Rivers are A$$ holes! and petty