Amazing Race : Race To The Million

This week, the racers had to fly from Beijing, China, to Maui, Hawaii. Since the first flight wouldn't be leaving until 9:30am the next morning, Jamie and Cara caught a huge break. They were over four hours behind the other two teams and were able to catch up.

Once they got to Maui, the teams had to find a specific beach where they would have to prepare a pig for a luau. After seasoning the pig, they had to use a long pole to carry the pig down the beach to the pit. Once there, they had to bury the pig properly before receiving their next clue.

Victor & Tammy and Jamie & Cara were there first, but Margie & Luke were the only team to put the pole on their shoulders and quickly passed the other teams. Margie & Luke were the first team to finish and left for the next challenge where they had to ride jet skis to find a spot in the water where over a hundred buoys were located. They had to check the buoys to find their next clue. By the time the other teams caught up, Margie & Luke were heading back to the beach.

That clue led them to a surf shop where they had to find surfboards that had symbols depicting the 11 legs of the race. Luke was chosen to do the task because he has a great memory and had actually been studying for the task. He had already gotten 8 of the boards in the right spot before the other teams had even caught up! Then, the wheels fell off. Luke had a lot of trouble with the final one and that allowed Victor to catch up and pass Luke.

Tammy & Victor, or as I call them - The Bitch & The Snake, went on to win the race. Once again, the most deserving team lost on that final task with only one item tripping them up, allowing the nastiest team to win.

I just want to see how proud I am of Luke. It's not just because he is deaf. I think he had to deal with much more on the race than the other teams and he handled it brilliantly. If they ever do another all-star season, they'd better ask Margie & Luke to do it!

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