Is This A Good Idea?

If you haven't heard by now, Oprah's OXYGEN network is doing a reality weight-loss show this summer. Dance Your Ass Off is pairing overweight contestants with professional dance partners to lose weight.

Each week for 10 weeks, contestants will learn a dance routine that the will perform for judges. Dance styles will include anything from ballroom to hip hop and even pole dancing. Their scores from their dancing will be added with their weight-loss to determine who will be eliminated each week.

The show is even using Biggest Loser's Dr. Robert Huizenga as one of their specialists. Their most 'famous' judge is Lisa Ann Walter who is doing her third reality show. Previously she was a judge on an celebrity impersonation show and was a contestant on VH-1's celebrity magic competition show.

I have a serious issue with this show. Is it really healthy to have over-weight people who haven't exercised in who knows how long be dancing strenuous choreography? Heck, Jewel and Nancy O'Dell were in great shape and each of them had serious injuries training for Dancing With The Stars this season. It's not like Biggest Loser where the first week they are learning how to exercise. These contestants are going to need to do things they just aren't capable of doing, or at least doing well. Is this show safe?

And honestly, do we really want to see a 300-lb person dancing on a stripper pole?

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OMGosh...No, I don't want to watch a 300# person pole dance! ewwwwww I can't imagine, and I don't want to visualize it...lmao. I agree with you that it's not a good idea for them to do this. Even normal-weight people who are not in good physical shape would have a difficult time doing this safely. I just hope no one is seriously injured or worse. That's my humble opinion, for what it's worth.